November 11, 2011

11 11 11

Today is HUGE people.
Like so huge, there should be a national holiday so everyone can celebrate with us.
So huge that I am sure only a handful of people in the history of the Universe have celebrated this milestone.

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary.
On the 11th day
of the 11th month
in the year 2011.

I know.
Just say it.
It is huge.

Send gifts please.
Or cash.
Or shoes.
Buy us a lottery ticket because I feel lucky tonight. 

We were married on November 11, 2000.
It was a cold, clear, windy day.  I was nervous but not as nervous as my poor father.  I hated my makeup.  My dress got very dirty.  I took a pill so I wouldn't get the poop soup cramps in the middle of the ceremony. (I didn't crap for over a week).  Many of our friends got drunk and threw up in the bathroom.  My purse went missing.  My purse was found.  And we lived happily ever after.
*applause please*
3 children.
Career changes.
House selling.
House building.
Loved ones dying.
Friends disappearing/divorcing.
Health crap.
3 children.
Horse buying.
Garage building.
3 children.

And we are still here to talk about it.
Hugely successful of us if I do say so myself.


Emily Hope said...

Happy anniversary! Luckily you get to spend it with your family doing fun things (and with hopefully warm weather).

Kat said...

Very happy anniversary to you! WE actually eloped on 11-11-05. Definitely doesn't do the cool number thing like you...but whatever. WE eloped and then decided not to tell anyone and went ahead with the big wedding! Weird, I know. We are strange. It was supposed to be in order to get some papers in order...but we actually procrastinated and never did them until after the big weddings!

Gigi said...

That IS huge! Congrats and happy anniversary!

Jenners said...

Wow … did you plan this???? (And the whole pooping thing just cracked me up. You really know how to write romance.)

Foursons said...

Happy Anniversary! And I too am wondering if you planned this whole date thing.

Heatherlyn said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I think that you just had the coolest anniversary EVER! :)

Elaine A. said...

I love how honest you are about how your wedding went down and I love that photo too.

And I wonder, did you think about your ELEVENTH wedding anniversary falling on 11/11/11 when you got married? So cool.

Happy (belated) Anniversary!!