November 15, 2011

Disney Post 2 of 67

So this one time we decided to plan a family vacation to the most wonderful place in the Universe.  It is also one of the busiest and a vacation that is anything BUT relaxing.

Totally crazy.

It would have been so much easier to pack a suitcase with swimsuits and sit at a tropical beach for a week, but that is not our style.  When we do something, we pick the most stressful, chaotic option and go for it.

Completely crazy.

But after our second visit as a family of five, I now consider myself a Disney expert and am here to help you folks in any way possible to make your trip there successful.  You are welcome.

Pay me with Disney cards so I can buy more Minnie Mouse stuff just because I love her so.

Stuff you should know when planning a trip to Disney.
*make yourself a pretty Disney folder to keep all of your papers/lists.  It's fun.
*prepare a schedule.  There are 4 Disney parks.  You must visit them all.  Magic Kingdom should be a two day visit.  Just sayin'.
*stay at a Disney resort.  It is worth it.  We always stay at a value resort {cheapest and low end} but it is still nice, clean and perfect for a young family.  We have had no complaints and will continue to stay at one until our kids are older and choose not to join us!
*sign up for the Disney Dining Plan and make dining reservations early because restaurants book fast
*there are no bad restaurants.  I shouldnt say that I guess because everyone is different and has different experiences.  I will say that we have never had a bad meal.
*when you stay at a Disney resort, you are given complimentary transportation for your entire stay.  You do not have to rent a car or take a taxi.  Just hop on Disney's Magical Express to get anywhere throughout all of Disney property.  We love it!
*pack wet bum wipes because the toilet paper sucks 
*research.  Find out about any special events that may interest you during your trip and book them right away if they require separate reservations/tickets.  Events fill up quickly and you must book them months in advance.
------we bought tickets for the Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom back in July for November.  The night of the party and for the rest of the week they were sold out.
------Princess had a Princess makeover at Cinderella's Castle.  I booked it in July for a November appointment and it was the last one for the entire week.

 It was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.
I wanted to bring her back the next day so she could be Snow White
...and then the next day to be Belle.....
...and then the next day to be Ariel...

I even asked if it would be weird if I made an appointment for myself  to be Tinkerbell.
They said yes.

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The Lovely One said...

A princess makeover! I had no idea they did that! I'll have to make an appointment for Bug when we go!

Gigi said...

That is too cute for words!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I love that. She looks awesome.

We haven't been to Disney yet but I want too oh how I want to take the kids.

Adrienne said...

Just helped a friend complete a disney scrapbook - and she had 3 makovers done. A princess one for her little girl and pirate makeovers for the boys. SO adorable!!

Crystal said...

Yay!! We love DW too. We took our family of 6 two years ago. ANd when daddy gets home from saving the world we are going to take our family of 7! Staying at a resort is so wonderful. Transportation is skuper convenient! I love the crazy that comes with big family vacations!! I only have boys, though, and didn't get to participate in anything princess. I'm jealous...really, really jealous!

Jenners said...

Excellent advice … even though we are a non-Disney family (shocking I know). Heck, I want a princess makeover too!