November 14, 2011

The famdamily went to Disneyworld and I came home with blisters and sore legs

Did I fool you with all of my posts last week?  I bet you thought I was home writing and writing, being all creative and shit.
But nope.
I was at the most wonderful place in the world.

I think I walked 39.3 miles.
I have the blisters and sore legs to prove it.

Walking so much that I develop blisters and painful limbs means I am getting old.

Anyways, while I edit over 600 photographs and figure out how to talk about one of my most favourite places, I will give you a craft.

This is as crafty as I get folks, so take it in and give me a huge round of applause.
It's good for my self esteem.

There are many characters throughout Disney.  And the highlight of a trip to the big D is meeting these characters and getting their autograph. 
You could spend $10-20 on an autograph book at the park or you could do what I did.
Go to the dollar store, buy a book, come home, decorate book with stickers.
Total cost out of my pocket $1
Then take your inexpensive book to the parks and wait in line for hours to say hi to a dressed up person.
Watching the expression on your daughter's face as she hugs them is well worth it.
And she didn't even care that it was a homemade book.


Foursons said...

I bow to you. Your creative genius astounds me. Can't wait to see all 600 pictures.

Heatherlyn said...

That's fantastic! I need more $1 ideas. :) I bet your pictures are fantastic!!!

Adrienne said...

We lived in Paris when my kids were 0-12. Euro Disney opened while we were there. So.Many.Amazing.Memories.
Love everything Disney...cause of that smile we get to see on their little faces! A+++ for the home made book!

Gigi said...

You are a sneaky one all right - had no clue you were gone.

Can't wait to see your pictures and I LOVE that autograph book. I think you are more creative then you let one.