November 04, 2011

Pinterest Picks

We are going to Disney.
We love Disney.
If I could move to Cinderella's castle, I would.
My dream is to be Belle so I can walk around in a pretty dress with my makeup and hair all did, greeting little happy children with the biggest smile ever.
But I don't smile much so it might be difficult.
Unless they paid me alot of money.
And let me live at the castle.

But anyways.

To honour our trip to the most wonderful place in the world, I searched Pinterest for Disney related "stuff".  There were approximately 17290729356894628963596596 pictures of the castle, which probably means it would be pretty tough to move in to it unless I wanted to live with every other female on the planet, but there was other stuff.

You are welcome.
Ariel cake. Yes, please.

I would totally wear this.
Minus the big bow and earrings.


Hubba Hubba

Lovely, sweet silhouette wall decor!

No words needed.

Pillowcase dress.
I wish I knew how to sew.

Watch all of these movies and tell me if this is true.

Easy peasy.

Now, go check out where to find all of these fantabulous Disney related goodies on Pinterest.

But first leave me a comment giving travelling tips on the following.
1.How to survive 7 days with my husband.
2.How to keep my three children alive.
3.Where to find Tinkerbell
4.Preventing poop soup cramps on the plane



Adrienne said...

LOVE this! Love Disney - we lived in Paris when my kids were young...a 45 minute train subway ride from Euro Disney. We visited. Often! I'll ask my daughter about those characters making appearances in those movies...and if she doesn't know if they do yet or not, she'll find out!
Have a GREAT husband and I used to give each other some alone time on family vacations...he'd take the kids, I could wander through stores, I'd take the kids, he could swim. Helped us appreciate each other!!

Heatherlyn said...

You'll have a fabulous trip!