November 03, 2011


Someone got new horsey boots.
I think she loves them more than she loves me.
But that is OK, because there is nothing cuter than seeing my 3 year old toddle around the horse pasture showing Ike and Duke the {real} horses her new horsey boots.
My heart explodes when I tell her that Ike and Duke think her boots are "nice" and she corrects me by saying "No, Mom. They think they are pwetty"

I die.
Someone please freeze time so I will always have a three year old little girl.
But take away the tantrums.
Thanks muchly.

Dear Cecily. I like you. Lets hang out. Love Momma


Gigi said...

They ARE "pwetty" boots! So, "pwetty" I wouldn't mind a pair for myself!

She is too cute for words.

Jenners said...

Those are very very very pwetty boots. I wish I could pull them off!

Cecily R said...

She's right you know. The horses totally think the boots are pwetty.

She and Evie can be wellies sistahs!

Heatherlyn said...

3 really is a great age. And kids stay who they are. Teenager meltdowns are even a tad more frustrating (although far far far less frequent). The boots are adorable and your daughter is so sweet!!!

Foursons said...

Yup, 3 years old is pwetty great! I LOVED 4 years old, but 3 is a close 2nd. Too bad they don't slow down and stay those ages for a little longer.