December 20, 2011

Animal Kingdom

So, it has been over a month since we went to Disney and I have barely written about our trip.
Shame on me.
I took approximately 73821947 photographs and feel the need to share them all, and talk about how much I
love Disney.

I love Disney.

If Walt was still alive, I would stalk him.  I would want to have his babies so our babies could have some of his genius DNA and then they could grow up and rule the world.
I would also have free access to the Disney parks/food/characters/
Gawd, the money that company must bring in.
And alot of it is our money because we love everything Disney.

But anyways, we went to Disney.
These are pictures taken at Animal Kingdom. 
I love it there.
But you already know that because I love Disney.

DSC_0527 DSC_0483 DSC_0492 DSC_0495 DSC_0547 DSC_0513 DSC_0487 DSC_0548 DSC_0512

If I had more time, I would tell you about the awesome, amazing safari ride that totally made us feel like we were really in Africa.
I would also tell you about almost peeing my pants because the ride was so bumpy.
I am too young for Depends but was wishing I had some by the end of this ride.

Animal Kingdom is totally rad.
I am not one for animal parks because it makes me feel sorry for the animals contained within fences and cages. I feel the need to take them all home so I can send them back to their homeland where they can live happily ever after.
...but Animal Kingdom is different.  The space the animals have.  The natural habitat. 
And the animals just looked happy and healthy.

Good job Disney.

Anyone know Walt's sons/grandsons?  I am sure hubby wouldn't mind if I stalked them......................
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debi9kids said...

absolutely beautiful photos!

I've been to Disney one time and sadly had a miscarriage while there, so I pretty much experienced none of it :(
Always enjoy seeing recaps of Disney trips...

Tricia said...

I love Disney! We divide our time between parks and we never seem to get much time in Animal Kingdom or it rains. Hopefully we will get to see all of the animals on our next trip.

Jenners said...

Can I be 100% honest and tell you I've only been twice? My son asked to go though so we shall have to cave in and give them some of our money as well.

Beth said...

you got some great views here. the hubby & i love the animals kingdom the best of all parks there at disney. all the character & details. so cool. i love the gorilla up close too neat. (: