December 19, 2011

How wrapping has changed in the last 10 years

10 years ago....
I used to love wrapping Christmas gifts.
I would spend lots of money on pretty paper, sparkly bows, handmade gift tags and even fancy schmancy tissue paper.
I would gather all of the gifts, bring them down to the family room, turn on the Christmas tunes and pour myself a yummy drink.
The candles would be lit.
The Christmas tree lights sparkling in the background.

I would be excited.
And totally in the Christmas wrapping mood.

Then I would spend hours wrapping each gift perfectly, topping them with a matching bow and neatly written gift tag.

Wrapping is not so enjoyable.
I buy the largest amount of wrapping paper for the cheapest price knowing that it will just get thrown out or burnt anyways.
I do not buy bows.
Gift tags are actually stickers from the local dollar store.
No candles are lit.
I turn on the CD player and listen to the Mini Pops because that is the only music around.
During the few hours a week that all three children are out of the house, I pull out a few gifts at a time and wrap them as fast as I can.
Then I stuff them away back into their hiding spot until Christmas.

Repeat over and over again until Christmas Eve at around 11pm when I can finally put them under the tree and relax.


Foursons said...

Yup, that sounds exactly how it works at my house too. I did buy bows though. :)

Foursons said...

Oh, and they'll all be smooshed because I had to pile the presents on top of each other in order to hide them again.

Gigi said...

Pretty much sounds like the way it works here too. Except I use ribbon now - instead of bows, I figure at least it's reusable year after year - so then I don't feel as guilty for all the rest going into the trash.