December 09, 2011

I Heart Faces

You know me.
If there is an animal to be photographed, I am right on it.
 Not right on the know what I mean.
 Especially Ike and Duke the horses aka my photography guinea pigs.
 Sure there are pretty trees, flowers and even my good looking children, but nothing compares to getting a great expressive photograph of a creature that moves alot, doesnt talk and would rather be crapping out in the field.
But anyways..... here is my submission for this week's theme at one of my favourite sites on the whole entire world wide web.
. DSC_0883
Go to I Heart Faces to see more photographs of furry friends


Julie said...

love just the one eye showing!

amuhlou said...

Love seeing different entries other than just cats & dogs. Very nice!

Haygirl16 said...


Anonymous said...

Love this~

Anonymous said...

I love the texture in this photo! I am also a sucker for the extreme closeups and details. Nicely done!

Gigi said...

That horse has VERY expressive eyes! Beautiful.

Stasha said...

Very dreamy photo!

Tricia said...

Love how you cropped this. Makes it kind of mysterious.

Anonymous said...

Love the uniqueness of your photo! For some reason, with all the cat and dog photos, I'd forgotten there are other furry faces out there! Neat shot. :)