December 13, 2011

Princess and Her Pants. Yep, I said those two words in the same sentence.

There were screams..
...OK..the ugly cry.

There were alot of "No"s...
...and a few "NowayNoteverYoureBeingBidiculousMommy"s.

There was some running away...
...and hiding in the closet.

OK, that was me, but whatever.

There was alot of whining...
...and too much yelling.

But eventually she put on pants.
With socks.

And then wore them like this for the rest of the day.
DSC_1230 DSC_1229
In public places.
Around other people.
With horsey rubber boots and ear muffs.
People commented about how cold she must be.
And how she will get sick if she doesn't bundle up.
They informed me that her pant legs were pulled up.
And that it wasn't summer.
Duh, really?
I just smiled and informed them that my sweet, stubborn, diva-like daughter does not enjoy wearing pants but was forced to by her Mother because she had to wear snow pants.
And I felt like being "The Boss" for just one day.
I haven't had that same feeling since because it drained every ounce and patience from my almost 37 year old body.

I will laugh about this one day.

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Elaine A. said...

Yes, you will. SOMEday.

I have this in my future, I SO know it. Girls. Gotta love 'em!!

Gigi said...

Yes, some day this will be hilarious.

In the meantime? Not so much.

Will she wear tights or leggings? That might be a less stressful alternative.

Jen said...

Just relish this victory because you did win.

And I have a child that refuses to wear a coat out in the cold and snow. You would not believe the looks and comments that I get from people.

Jenners said...

You won! You Won! You won!