February 08, 2012

10 Years Ago on this Day.....

I looked like this
I was one day overdue.
Oldest child was quite happy and content inside my body.
But I was ready to burst.
10 years ago today, I was sitting on the couch eating everything I could find.
I was watching A Baby Story on TLC.
I was crying about what was to happen at any moment.
The pain.
The pushing.
A baby.
Our lives changing.

Mama’s Losin’ It

*I apologize for the very large photos of my very large belly.  I am too tired to change it, so deal with it k?
*My photo blog is up.  Click on the button over there------->
*This place is dead lately.  Makes me sad.


Jen said...

Love the pics! Belly photos are a must! Great 10 years ago :)

Gigi said...

That means a happy birthday (and a happy "birth" day) are in order!

10 years - it goes so fast!

Jenners said...

Didn't you just have another boy birthday? Oh well … happy birthday to the 10 years old!!! That is one big belly.

Elaine A. said...

Are you sure he wasn't already 10 when you had him?? ;P

(you know I'm just being really sassy, right?)


Foursons said...

Didn't you just celebrate an 8th birthday? Happy 10th to your oldest boy! Double digits...it's a big one for him. (Love the belly pictures too.)

Varda said...

No apologies, LOVE the big belly pix! Funny how many of us linking up "10 years" posts w/ Mama Kat were pregnant then. Me, I was 15 weeks in with twins. Was looking for a picture of me from this time to add to the post, but think I was too busy hurling at the time to think about taking photos.