March 14, 2012

Cows and horses and barns, oh my!!!!

I am not sure how it happened, but this blog is becoming a farm/country blog.
I still have kids.
And a husband.
But our farm life has become a huge part of our existence.
Who would have thought?
Not me. Not in a million years.
If I could have predicted my life, this is never what I would have predicted.

Anyways, many people spend their Saturday afternoon going to the movies or running errands.
Not us.
We go on a farm tour.
And lucky for you, I took pictures!

I learned alot while touring farms.
I thought I was an expert already, but nope........

We learned about Ike the horse's first home.
This is where he lived before we brought him to his forever home. Where he belongs.
I love Ike alot, but while there, I met a horse named Peggy. I fell in love with her. I want Peggy to come live with us...and Ike...and Duke. I want Peggy because she is pretty. And she is named Peggy the horse. It suits her. She would fit well here.
And I liked this girl. If she lived here, I would clean her up and name her Pat.

I learned that you have to be extremely rich. Like so rich, you must pee out dollar bills, to own a farm like this.

I learned that Thoroughbred horses are not the most friendly to me and my family.
Not like Peggy the Percheron...
..and Ike and Duke.
I like to be able to kiss my horses on the lips and apparently Thoroughbreds aren't into that.
So we left.

My big learning experience of the day was at the big beautiful dairy farm.
I am madly in love with dairy cows.
You see, when I was a young child, my grandparents ran a large dairy farm. I can remember the smell of the milk room. I can remember visiting the horses.
But then I left and played in the sandbox.
As an adult, I felt differently.
As soon as I walked into this place, I felt at home.
Like I should own dairy cows.
Like I should have a milk room in our barn.
Like I should name each cow.
One would be Wilhelmina.
There would be a Phoebe.
A Betsy
A Ruby.
Ohhh, I could go on and on.
I learned one more thing.
Princess loves them too.
We couldn't get her out of the place.
And as we walked out of the barn, she turned around, waved and said "Goodbye Cow Friends".
Like Mother, like Daughter.
Sooo....I end this post with some questions.
Do you ever go on farm tours or is it just us?
Do you kiss horses on the lips?
What would you name your dairy cow?
Are you rich?
Could you lend us some money?

***Thank you to the many wonderful people who read my last post and offered up some kind words and support.  If I could hug and kiss you all , I would.   Maybe even on the lips.  xo


Stephanie said...

Thank you for the virtual farm tour! How I wish we lived rural enough to do that. I had a thing for cows when I was a kid--especially those warm, pink mugs. You captured it perfectly and it took me back to my childhood.

Monica said...

i kiss horses on their noses. The really soft velvety part above their nostrils. i miss that.

Gigi said...

Sadly, I have no money. Otherwise, I would give it to you and Princess so that you might have your cows.

Rebecca said...

Oh dear, cows, horses and barns make me sneeze like crazy. I think I will just enjoy your photos safely from my computer!

hannah said...

Have you still got any hair left?
After all that pulling :-)

Love the clean cattle and the little white one. And no: as for the horse question: Pass!

Elaine A. said...

Fresh milk sounds FAB! I say it's time for cows at your place... ;)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sorry the TBs weren't welcoming. We used to have one named Eddie and she was incredibly high strung. She could jump the moon though. Plus she about ate us out of house and home - they need a lot of food! Much happier with our quarterhorses.

We've been wanting to tour Polyface Farm - it's about 2 hours from us. One of these days!

Nancy Claeys said...

After awhile you realize that most of the big and rich farms aren't within most people's reach. But that's quite alright. One can still be very content with a few chickens, dogs, cats, etc... and not spend alot of money.

Very cute post and I love your sense of humor and adventure. ;)

Heatherlyn said...

Our neighbors have cows. I have learned a lot about cows from their cows, like how social and emotional cows are. Cows are VERY emotional. Who would have thought?

Jenners said...

If I had a cow, I'd name her Lulu Belle.

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

I'm in love with those took some great photos! Usually I'm a rooster-chicken person but those cows are sure sweet! Warm hugs, Esther

Mike said...

i like the cows better and would like to own one some day if i could i heard that the male cows tho are a bit mean like other male animals

Mike said...

i have always liked cows sens i was 5 years old i would go watch the cows eat all day and if i did that now someone would think im a nut so i don't but its just like looking at animals at a zoo isn't it they are neat animals i would stay at that fence all day till the sun went down just watching the cows eat

and you know what that big cow farm is now a bunch of houses and a school it looks bad i think so i think who ever owned the farm should have kept it its just they ruined the good old land and all it took them to ruin it was 4 years i don't like how it looks now because it looks sad to me and all i can do is shack my head left to right because it looks bad and i don't like when they change stuff like that so i hope that if you ever get a farm don't sale it no matter how much money they offer you