March 11, 2012

Happy Horses

One way to tell that your horses love their life is the amount of time they roll around in the mud.
At least that is what I keep telling myself, because Ike and Duke spend alot of their days laying/rolling in soggy, wet, muddy, mud.
To prove it, I actually braved the soft ground with my camera gripped tightly in my hands.
I had planned my fall just in case the mud got the best of me.
I would do everything I could to save my camera.
I would land on my butt lifting my camera high above my head, no matter how bad it felt or looked.
Because that is what I do.
Think of others before my self and my own dignity.
here are some photos to prove to you that they get muddy.
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally muddy.
And they love it.
Being muddy makes them playful.
...full of joy and happiness...


.....full of delight in the fact that they just made their beautiful selves, less beautiful

I mean, really.  These pictures would be so much nicer if my babies weren't covered in this goo.

But at least they were happy.....

....content to run around and wreck our beautiful pasture even more than they already have.
Its OK.
I forgive them.

Because life isn't worth living if you cant some fun.
And, well....
I had fun watching them have fun...
all muddy and full of energy.

But now our pasture has to be re-seeded.
Dear Ike and Duke.
Please don't run around when the ground is soft.
You are costing us alot of money.
But I still love you.
Love Momma

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labbie1 said...

Found you through Homestead Barn Hop and your horses are BEAUTIFUL! :)

Nichole said...

I know the feeling! I love it when they run and enjoy themselves, but inside I am cringing for the grass (or lack of)

Queen said...

I love seeing them coved in so much mud! Happy horses!