March 21, 2012

I love watching my children be happy. Even if it puts us in the Poor House

Messy is a typical 10 year old boy.
He enjoys video games, the computer, sleeping in, the History Channel,  junk food and being as lazy as he possibly can.
The kid actually tried to quit his chores because he didn't like them.

Anyways, one of the few things that gets him excited and on his feet is horses.
Duke, to be specific.
He loves Duke.
And Duke loves him.
Duke doesn't love me, but that is OK because I like Ike better anyways.

Na Na Na Na poo poo!

Anyways, Messy has it in his head that he is going to "show" Duke at local fairs.
My interpretation of "showing a horse"
*purchasing a very expensive horse trailer to transport horse to local fair
*paying for expensive fuel to take expensive horse trailer and horse to local fair
*grooming to make the horse shiny and beautiful
*dressing horse in expensive "show" bling bling
*praying that the horse behaves and doesn't trample anyone
*walking/running with them in a circle
*going home with a ribbon....or nothing

I love my kid and whatever makes him smile, makes me smile.
Being around Dukers makes him happy.
And maybe...just maybe, one day he will win a ton of money so we can afford his expensive hobbies.


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Wow, Duke is a beautiful horse! And yes, Messy looks super happy. :) Your post title says it all. haha!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Horse shows are definitely an expensive hobby - I grew up going to them every weekend as a kid, until I got burned out around 17. I had loads of fun though. Duke is very handsome!

Tanya said...

awwww looks like dukers loves being around messy too!

Anonymous said...

What a great team they make!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful post and photos.

Regards and best wishes

Jenners said...

I don't see how they CANNOT win ribbons and trophies! They look gorgeous together!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful animal. They do look like they enjoy each other!

Nancy Claeys said...

Love how big and strong they both look -- and their coats are so shiny. I can tell you take excellent care of them. :)