March 18, 2012

Stuff that happened this weekend

I played with Smokey the barn cat because I love her.
I also put her {and Blackie} on a waiting list to get spayed at the local SPCA because our vet charges $391 each and, well, that just isn't possible right now.
And, call me crazy, but I just know that the day we bring them home after spending almost $1000, they will run away or get eaten by a coyote.
Yes.  That is how my mind works.

I went for brunch with a childhood friend of mine that I love muchly.
She made me smile.
And laugh.
I needed that.

Hubby and I watched a guy eat a 72 ounce steak
..with broccoli...
..onion rings...
and coleslaw.
In 45 minutes.
At a restaurant.
He then got the meal free...
with a tshirt...
...a certificate...
and probably the poops.

All three children went to spend the weekend at their Grandmas.
I took this picture before they left.
I looked at it alot while this cutie was away.

I counted the minutes until my children returned home to their Momma.
But then they did this.
Because Grandma keeps them busy.
She is nifty.

I forgot to take my happy pills three days in a row which means I am currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
This is why I could never be an alcoholic or an illegal drug user.

Happy End of Weekend to you.


Elaine A. said...

72 oz steak and ALL that other stuff too? OH. MY. GAWD. That's disgusting.

Jenners said...

$391 to spay a cat!!??? That is insane!!

And Grandmas are nice that way, aren't they?

And I think I would have thrown up watching that guy eat all that food. DISGUSTING!