April 11, 2012


As a child I never understood how people could enjoy gardening.
It is dirty.
It is a lot of work.
There are bugs and other pests.
And, it interferes with my life.

To me, it just didn't make sense.
Until now.

Now I get excited about starting my garden every year.
I spend hours pulling weeds and tending to it like a baby.
I wear my apron and my rubber boots.
Sometimes I even garden barefoot which totally grosses my hubby out.
I just tell him "I am one with the Earth" whatever that means

Anyways, to fuel my love of gardening, is Pinterest.
If you have not joined that magnificent site, you are missing out hugely.
I have a board dedicated to gardening and I will actually search gardening stuff instead of cleaning my house or feeding my children....
...or showering....
...and brushing my teeth.

Don't judge.

The ideas I get from sites pinned on Pinterest get me so excited.  I want to have fancy container gardens throughout our property.    I want herbs.  I want a garden shed.  I want a rustic fence around my vegetable garden.  I want every possible garden tool out there. I want every single book. I want pretty gardening aprons and sun hats. I want to make relishes/jams/pickles/sauces until my cupboards are overflowing.

Um...yeah....basically I need 27 hours in a day and need to win a lottery.

Pallet Gardening
Garden Shed
Garden Lantern
Garden Fence

This will be the year my friends. The year that I grow the largest tomato in the Universe. The year that I actually succeed at growing broccoli. The year that I open a veggie stand at the end of my driveway where I will sit in my rubber boots, apron and bonnet and sell my veggies to the locals.
Maybe I could get chickens and sell the eggs too.
And bees to sell the honey.

OK....I took it too far.

Are you on Pinterest?
I am.
Right here.
Do you garden?
Make pickles?
Any tips are appreciated muchly.


Gigi said...

I don't garden garden....like vegetables and stuff. But I do like to mess about in the flower beds. Of course, mine look NOTHING like the ones I see on Pinterest. *sigh*

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm not on Pinterest, but hey, I garden! Or try to at least ;-)

Tanya said...

oh i love the neat garden-y stuff i see on pinterest!

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I do garden and I am on pinterest. I find the neatest things there.

Ronda said...

Your photos are delightful! Maybe I can pick up some tips from you as well as from Pinterest! Thanks!

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Only 27 hours in a day? I need double that, so you're doing just fine! Loved reading your post...it made me giggle! Which is what I needed before I dig into spring cleaning again...but first, I'm checking out your site on pinterest for some garden inspiration!

Anonymous said...

We garden - mostly tomatoes in Earthboxes. There's nothing better than homegrown tomatoes. We also grow bell peppers and cucumbers.

Nancy Claeys said...

You crack me up. :)

I was where you are now about 5 years ago -- With only 2 people in the house and one of them out of town all week, a big garden makes no sense. I'll do some tomatoes and cabbage, but have scaled down alot.

Good luck to you! If you need any help, let us know! :)

Foursons said...

Oh wow, I love all the things you found on Pinterest.

Jenners said...

I get all excited about gardens too … but they just never quite work out like the photos.

Elsie said...

great collage, wish you fun with gardening your garden