April 04, 2012

A Month in Photos- March 2012


1.  We went on a farm tour.  Yes, really.  Don't be too jealous.
2.  Princess wore flip flops alot.  Minnie Mouse is her latest BFF.
3.  Pretty girl.
4.  Messy aka Oldest Child practiced leading Duke the Horse up and down the driveway.  Messy had a great time.....Duke....umm..not so much.
5.  Everything is starting to bud/blossom.  This makes Momma happy.
6.  Princess being a Princess.  Can someone give me strategies for convincing a stubborn little girl to let me do something with her hair?
7.  Muddy rubber boots are a regular around here.
8.  Studley the dog sleeping.  What he does best.
9.  The boys are so happy to have a new basketball net.
10.  We saw Ike the Horse's first home.
11.  My three beauties at the maple sugar farm.
Other things happened of course.
Studley climbed the manure pile and ate some of food scraps we hid giving him the poops.
I lost my keys.
My kid told me I'm mean.
My other kid told me I'm ugly.
My daughter kissed me in the crotch area, leaving white, powdery residue behind on my black pants that I didn't notice for an hour or so.

And how was your month?


LeiShell said...

I loved the way you described everything! Made me laugh! As for your daughter not wanting to do her hair...hmmm, I'd hold her down. LOL Maybe let her pick out her own cute headbands, etc from the store? I was always a girly girl and now I have a son, so there is little I can do with his hair! haha

Gigi said...

Looks like you had a busy month! I was just thinking - "Look how long Princess' hair has grown!" I think she will come around when she's a bit older - right now having her hair "done" cuts into play time. But then, what do I know? I only had a boy....who refused to let me comb his hair for his entire elementary school career.

Foursons said...

No hair tips here either, I'm in a house full of boys. You could always offer to pay her a penny if she'll let you fix it. :)

I like your month in review. If I wasn't so darn busy I'd do one myself.

Elaine A. said...

All great but the shadow on the garage door really struck me. :) Sounds like an eventful month. It was that way here too...

Heatherlyn said...

I think I took 6 entire photos for the month of March. :( You do such a wonderful job with your pictures! And yes, I think the dairy farm would have been really fun. The cows look cute!

I think it's funny about the powder kiss. That is SO like being a parent. A real parent, anyway. :)