April 09, 2012

Stuff that happened over the weekend

* I slept in. I could sleep until noon every single day if my kids didn't need a parent........
* I ate Mini Eggs for breakfast more than once
* Studley pooped on his bed....in his sleep
* The Easter Bunny brought the boys mini Nerf guns. The hubby and I have been shot at constantly ever since. The Easter Bunny should know by now that Nerf guns are a bad idea and should never be brought into this house because someone always gets a bullet to the eye.
* We went for a walk. I took 83 photos while walking with my family. I might share some soon.
* We visited a museum. Not just any museum. Our neighbour's museum.
Yes, really.
In his fixed up barn, which you would never know was a barn, because now it is a museum.
Next time I will take my camera.
* My boys showered. This is a monumental occasion.
* They also changed their socks
* And underwear
* I saw my Grandma. My heart and soul love her.
* I held two babies. I inhaled their wonderful smells, admired their tiny feet and dimply hands. Then I gave them back.
* I made these
* I dreamt that my teeth fell out
* While watching Duke the horse have a bowel movement, middle child watched in horror and said "His butt looks like meat in a taco."
I will never eat tacos again

Lets discuss.


Gigi said...

Sounds like you had a very good weekend. And yeah, I may never eat tacos again either.

Heatherlyn said...

I love the walk. Do post pictures! I'd like to take a nice long walk!

Poor Studley. Getting old is not fun. :(

Brandi said...

Ummmm, I think I'm gonna have a hard time with tacos now too. LOL!!

Jenners said...

I'm off tacos too.
Poor Studley.

Sleeping in = Yay!!!