May 14, 2012

Camping Tips. You're Welcome.

Let me just get this out there before I get started.
I enjoy the outdoors....just not living in it.

When Emily asked for camping tips, my first thought was "Stay in a hotel and go for a nice country drive.  Take pictures and then go back to the hotel."
Don't judge.
I just enjoy running water.
And bathrooms.

Believe it or not, I do have a few {real} tips for all of you weirdos who actually think it is fun to live in a house made of thin cloth and cook over an open fire.

*go pee 12 times in the hours leading up to sleep time so you don't have to make the trip during the night.  Bears live outside.  And so do raccoons, possums, snakes and mice.  Ew.
*keep your food in your vehicle.  Bears enjoy food.  They will eat it and destroy everything holding it.  They might even rip through your cloth home to get at it.
Just sayin'
*pack many plaid shirts because it looks good and suits the occasion.
*take newspaper or some sort of fire starter if you never were a Girl Scout.  I was never a Girl Scout but have a bit of a reputation for knowing how to make a good fire. 
Be jealous.
It's OK.
*take earplugs.  There are alot of noises when out in the wilderness. 
*bathe in bug repellent before leaving.  Unless you enjoy being eaten alive but blood sucking pests who spread disease.
Everyone is different I guess.
*search Pinterest for recipe ideas.  It's fun there.
*never go anywhere alone.

go to the Holiday Inn.
Just sayin'.

You're welcome.

Hope Squared


Jess said...

Bug spray is def. a must! But i think i'd pass on the earplugs, I wanna know if somethings coming my way!

Gigi said...

ALL these reasons and more is why you will find me down the road in the hotel!

The Lovely One said...

Amen! My husband loves to go camping, but it's just not for me. Cleaning up after three people who spend their every waking hour playing in dirt? That's just not fun to me!

Heatherlyn said...

Love your tips. Couldn't agree more about them.

Lucky for me my husband cannot sleep in a tent. Like, he can't sleep. He says the ground is too hard and that it gets too cold and that there is too much noise. He's not a wimpy kind of man, he simply likes to be comfortable when he sleeps. And he does not like to get bit by bugs either. So we "camp" at RV resorts, with hot tubs, and bike paths, and washers and dryers and showers that don't run out of hot water. And our RV has heating and air conditioning and a fridge and stove and such.

And honestly, he probably prefers not even to "camp".

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