May 05, 2012

A Month in Photos


April 2012
A month I wish never happened.
But it did.
And so did moments that I captured on camera.

Our pasture....with a tractor parked right smack dab in the center...just like a big lawn ornament.
Ike the horse posing.  He is a good model.
I wuv my rubber boots.
A quiet moment.
Princess turned 4!!!
Rowdy took pictures of himself.
My Daddy went to Heaven.
Messy took pictures of himself.
Family hike.  The child afraid of heights climbed a huge hill and then sat on his bum as he came down.
Studley....still handsome at almost 13.
How was your April?????


Emily Hope said...

April showers bring May flowers??!! No? Hope you're keeping your chin up. At least you have all this beauty to fill your heart up. xo

Gigi said...

April can be a cruel, yet beautiful month. Sending you hugs.

Amanda D said...

I'm sorry you had a rough month. You got some beautiful shots - I love the toes of your boots. :)

Jenners said...

You had a rough month but there is sunlight mixed with the shadows.