May 05, 2012


*It feels odd calling middle child, Rowdy still, now that he is 8 years old. Should I change it?
He is still a rowdy kid.
Just bigger.
And puts more thought into it.

*He has bigger feet than me.
And hands.
I don't know what to think about this.
I just know we will be paying a fortune for shoes for the next 10 years.

*This kid is quite possibly the funniest 8 year old on the planet.
Just ask everyone who knows him.

*His favourite thing to say at the moment is "Suck balls".
I have ignored the behaviour.
Explained why it is not OK.
Punished him.
But his brother and sister laugh, which overrides everything I do.

*Speech therapy is almost done.
He still needs reminders to use the "th" sound.

*He is playing ball hockey for the summer and after one game, loves it.
Fingers crossed that he continues to love it.
Because I love watching.
And I am secretly hoping he will want to play ice hockey.

*This is his favourite song.

*He is struggling with math.
Like Mother, like Son

*I am thinking he should go into business as a lawn cutter.
He loves cutting the grass.

*He misses his Papa and wonders "who will die next".
No 8 year old should think like that.
It breaks my heart that Matthew Robert will not have his Papa {Robert} cheering him on at his hockey games.

There I go again......

Rowdy is perfect every way...
...and I am so happy that I will be every single hockey game, cheering him on.


Roxanne Reinhart said...

Very touching post I think Rowdy is a fine nickname regardless of how old or big he gets as long as the name fits. It makes me very sad that he has lost his father at such a tender age.

tiarastantrums said...

great post momma!

Nancy said...

If it's any consolation, my youngest was a rowdy boy just like yours and I often wondered if I would live to see him grow to adulthood. He's 27 now and possibly the most loving, considerate, responsible person I know. Keep the faith. Lovely post and images.

Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

Emily Hope said...

It's true - he might just be the funniest kid on the planet EVER!

Great post.

p.s. You should just change his name to "such balls" and see how much he likes it!

Emily Hope said...

Not "such balls" but "suck balls"

LeiShell said...

Aaaw, this was so sweet. I love witnessing a mother's love! I keep wondering as time goes if I will feel those same feelings I have always felt for my little guy (he's almost 2) and I think I will...they just develop and grow as they get older. Love his nickname!

Our Muddy Boots said...

I like the nickname. And I think it might be even neater as he gets older.

It is very nice for Rowdy that you will be at every game. I am certain that matters.

A touching post. Thank you for sharing.

Jenners said...

I could see why he would be considered hilarious with "Suck balls" in his arsenal. My son would find that hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I have an 8 year old too - lovely lad you have there.

Elaine A. said...

Rowdy reminds me a lot of my second son. Sometimes it's like we are the same person. Except you know, you live in the Great White North and me in the swamp. ;p

Jennifer said...

In that first photo after that first photo he reminds me of "Gabe" on Good Luck Charlie. LOL

PS He is much cuter though.

kristi said...

He is just beautiful. :)