May 22, 2012

The Rule of Thirds

I am the first to admit that my photography skills are those of an amateur.
Actually a beginner amateur if that is even such a thing.
I have taken one course that told me how to use the controls on my DSLR, but I forgot everything the guy taught us.
I am a "hands on" learner and learn while playing around, rather than sitting in a classroom listening to a know-it-all tell us everything he has learned over 40+ years.

One thing that I learned on my own is the Rule of Thirds.  Honest to goodness, no one ever taught this to me.  I just took pictures and preferred the "look" over anything else.

Basically, you imagine a 9 square grid when taking your photograph.  Sometimes you can even display it on your camera but don't ask me how.
I am an amateur, remember?

When taking your photograph you want the main "subject" to be positioned in a third of the photo or on the intersection points.
It could be the top/middle or bottom third.
Or the right/middle or left third.
Make sense?
It kinda looks like this.

Princess was the subject/focus of this photo.
I aligned her in the right third of the grid along the intersection points in my head as I snapped the picture.
If she was smack dab in the center of the photograph, it just wouldn't grab your attention.
It would just look like a "blob" in the center of the picture without telling a story, expressing an emotion or grabbing your attention.

I could give you the technical lingo about lighting and how the human eye is somehow drawn to the intersection points.....blah blah blah

....but I am not a technical kind of gal.
I like what looks good.
That's it.

Here are some other examples.
Once again the subject is in the right third along the intersection points.
I like the right side.
It just looks the best to me, but that doesnt mean it is for everyone.
And then this one....on the left side.
Maybe I like the left side .
I have never been good at making decisions.
Right side
Left side
Sometimes I change it up and place the subject/focus of my photograph in the top or bottom half of the picture just for shits and giggles.
It's fun.
Maybe even the middle.
Try it out.
That is the fun in photography.
Go with the flow.
Learn as you go.
And you will quickly learn what looks good...
...and not so good.

Try out The Rule of Thirds and get back to me.
Post your photos on my blog facebook page.
Then I can post them here for others to see.
It will be fun.



alicia said...

Lovely pics. That dandelion clock may be my fav. I also naturally shoot with that rule of thirds...

Foursons said...

I always try to do this unless it is a headshot. I have found that baseball action shots look best when the kid is in a corner of the frame and the action is in the rest.

Diana M. said...

All these photos look fantastic. You're amateur? Yeah, right! LOL I now have photo envy. Thanks for the tips and for linking up!

royalegacy said...

Thanks for the lesson. I truly learned something from it. I would love it if you would like your WW post on my blog so that others could check this out, too.

Danielle @ Royalegacy

Emily Hope said...

I pinned this because it's so helpful (and because I like you).

Heatherlyn said...

My husband has told this to me many times. Sometimes I think about it. I think it has a point, definitely, and creates movement and interest.

But I like to center things darn it. I have the hardest time NOT putting things I am focused on right in the middle. So hard. It makes my brain happy to center things. Maybe I will never get beyond the beginning amateur stage.

I think that your pictures just get better and better though.

Gigi said...

Interesting. I would have never thought of that. I will have to try it when I (hopefully remember to) take a billion pictures this weekend.

Elena said...

Great post! Yeah you gotta love the rule of thirds! It's so true. Subjects in the center just aren't as interesting. Plus, I just happen to love negative space to the right or left of my subject. Great pics!

Mary said...

This is so great to know! I am the worst picture taker ever, I blame it on my lack of a good camera...
Great pictures!
(Stopping by for Wordless Wed)

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots!