June 10, 2012

Barn Charm Mixed in with a Little Bit of Random, just because I like to be unique.

Crap that happened this weekend.

*Smokey hid her kittens. To say I am devastated is an understatement. What if she took them into the barn loft where it is a gazillion degrees? What if she neglects them and we cant find them to care for them ourselves? How am I going to take my daily kitten photo to post on Instagram?

I love them.

*Hubby informed me that we will not be keeping them.

But I love them.

*Oldest child participated in a basketball tournament and his team played better than they have all season. They lost in the semi-final which was just fine with my kid because he didn't want to play anymore.

But I wasn't ready for them to lose.
I am a competitive bitch who wants my kids to win everything.

*I weeded the garden and hated every second of it.

*Duke the horse is having foot issues again.

*Ike the horse got out of his stall and stepped on hubby's bicycle.


*It was friggin hot. So hot I had sweaty pits and sweaty behind-the-kneecaps.

Total hotness.

*Hubby wants to buy a Welsh pony and her 11 day old colt, but he wont let me keep the kitties that I love.

Someone explain men because I cannot figure them out.

*I looked through all of the store sale flyer's and everything was about Fathers Day. My Daddy is in Heaven, so it made me want to cry. It made me want to punch something. It made me want to eat my sorrows away with chocolate cookies, so I did.

And to totally "randomize" this post, I give you photographs of our barn. It is small. It is not rustic. But it houses our horses and cats, and kittens that we cannot find.....and maybe even a Welsh pony and her colt.
Side views with my lilies and grapes.
Front view. Kinda plain.
Their stalls.
Standing stalls that both horses enjoy laying in.
Back view. You can see that some of the siding has been kicked.
Ike likes to rub his bum on them.
The electric and cedar post fence that hubby and his 90+ year old Grandfather built.
And finally, the occupants of the barn. Lucky enough, they hang out close to the kids play area so we are able to watch them eat our grass and poop.
Fun times.
Who needs a swimming pool in their yard, when you can watch horses move their bowels????!!!!
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....gosh darn, that was funny.


Lindsay said...

Ha! My husband does the same...we aren't allowed to get a dog, unless of course it's the breed/color//sex/age HE wants!! Wtf?! Lol;)

Elaine A. said...

She's hiding her kittens from your hubby. ;p

Jennifer said...

I love barns and I want one so bad even though we have nothing to put in it and no room for one. We live in a neighborhood. Go ahead and roll your eyes at me.

I HATE Father's day. Ten years and I still hate it just as much as that first one. I don't want to see sweet little quotes or ads or anything. I want it to just disappear.

Foursons said...

I was wondering how Mama cat was handling all the people around her babies. We had cats when I was growing up and we could never play with them until they were a little older.

Father's Day totally sucks when you don't have a dad. I try to focus on my husband and make it extra special for him. He appreciates it while not realizing that the only reason I made such a big deal was because I was trying to not think about my own dad.

Rose said...

Such a neat and tidy place!

Mari said...

Sorry about the bummy day! I feel the same about Mothers Day. I think you should be able to keep at least one kitten. Seems a fair trade off for getting a pony. :)
I do like your barn!

Mari said...

Sorry about the bummy day! I feel the same about Mothers Day. I think you should be able to keep at least one kitten. Seems a fair trade off for getting a pony. :)
I do like your barn!

Carletta said...

Loved your post!
Just keep those kittens hid. ;)

Your barn and the surroundings are lovely!

Kim, USA said...

That is the kind of barn I like my hubby to have! ^_^

Kim, USA

Linda said...

Great barn shots...beautiful horses.

Beth said...

great views. thanks, for sharing with us. (:

Anonymous said...

They look like big horses, very tall... love all the wood inside & their names over their stalls...

Thank =)