June 11, 2012

10 Year Olds.

{craptastic photo}

There are not many things I am afraid of.

Cutting my children's toenails because dirty, stinky feet make me gag.
And, my 10 year old.
The attitude makes me want to hide in my bathroom with a case of hard liquor and Kit Kat bars so I can just eat my feelings of feeling like the worst parent ever.
I have read books...
...practiced every behaviour "trick" I know
...prayed to the Good Lord Above...
and my 10 year old still says "Shut up" approximately 17976293658465 times a day.
He still rolls his eyes so much that his eyeballs are pretty close to staying up in his head permanently.
Sarcastic remarks are his specialty.
"No offense, but........" is his favourite thing to say. 
He still thinks he is entitled to anythingandeverythingbecauseheis10and10yearoldsknowmorethananyoneelse.

{that is me yelling inside my mind}

This parenting thing can go suck it.
I think every Mother should have the right to go on strike when their children hit age 10, until those same children turn 20.
Did I just say that?

Don't get me wrong. I love him madly, but I didn't get into this motherhood crap to deal with attitude. I have a really difficult time staying calm and all "I am a parent and I am going to use this as a teaching moment" when my 10 year old has completely disrespected me and then asked for a cookie in the next breath.

{that is me yelling again}

Do I build myself a padded room?
Do I start buying liquor and Kit Kat's in bulk?
Do I go on strike?
Have I messed up being a parent somewhere during the last 10 years?

Was that harsh?
I am a horrible person.
OK, my next post will be all the things I love about 10 year olds, because now I feel guilty.
And horrible.
And I want to go hug him.
And give him a cookie.


Anonymous said...

10 year olds sometimes require harshness in the form of firm answers and no changing the answer you gave-they don't usually like that much! Consequences for their poor attitude is not a bad thing -they don't like that much either! Up until this point you've done a fantastic job, 10 year olds Just change and we need to run faster to keep up with their changing and challenging world!

Sara Broers said...

My boys are now 17 and 21- Enjoy the chaos!

Farmers Wifey said...

That comment about his eyes rolling made me lol..

Oh yes the 10 year old..well I survived that but now I"m doing the 11 year old hell...

Stick with it, I'm told it gets better by the time they're 18 :))

Jenners said...

He's counting on that guilt to get what he wants. I think this stuff is hard wired into them. I got disrepected by my 7-year-old the other day and it was like a slap in the face!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Parenting secret: You don't have to like them. And you won't always like them. You'll always, always love them, and that's what matters!

Jennifer said...

How many times do you feel harsh and guilty and give in with a hug and a cookie?

Gigi said...

Let me tell you a little secret. You know how they say the teens are the worst for disrespect, sarcasm and eye-rolling? Well, that's a lie. From about 10 to 13 is the worst (sorry, you are just at the beginning). If you hang tough by the time he's about 14 or 15, most of that (not all) will have disappeared. At least, that has been my experience.

Quit feeling guilty (tough, I know) about being the "worst mom ever" and realize that you are doing an awesome job and the end result will be a fabulous man, I promise. xo

Heatherlyn said...

Sometimes my 10 year-old is disrespectful. I make her go sit in a corner and think about it. Seriously. That helps her, a little. But then, she is the same little girl whose first sentence was when I told her she needed to sit down in her high chair and she pointed at me and said, "no, YOU sit". She was 13 months-old. My oldest two didn't give me any problems until they were closer to 14 ... so maybe you will have your hands full for the next decade or so.

I would just give him LOTS of work to do. The sooner he learns to work like a man the sooner you won't have to worry that his attitude will ruin his life (or yours) because at the very least he'll grow up and be able to take care of himself, and then someday he can take care of you when you get old ... or at the very least look back with a lot of gratitude. :)