June 06, 2012

One step closer to becoming the Crazy Cat Lady!

Holy crap people!
Another thing to cross off of my bucket list!
I have witnessed a birth.
Nope. Not the birth of my own children or even a friend's child. There was no way I was looking down at a human being coming out of any vajayjay.
I witnessed the birth of Smokey the cat's kittens.
And in an odd way, I was so proud of her that I thought for a second about letting her in my house and out of the barn.
But then my husband told me I could live in the barn with her instead.
Then I told him he could live out in the barn with his horses and I could live in the house with my babies and Smokey and her babies.
And Studley the dog.

So, get this.
June 5, 2011. Smokey came to live in our barn.
June 5, 2012
Smokey brought her babies into the world, in the same bed that she was brought home in......in our barn.
I am sure there is some sort of deep meaning to all of this. There is some sort of sentimental significance but I just don't care right now because IWATCHEDMYCATGIVEBIRTH!!!!!

And I took pictures.
You're welcome.

First let me explain that Smokey went and found herself a baby daddy. I have never, ever seen another cat in this area, but apparently there is one and Smokey found him.
We have planned to get her and Blackie spayed but the almost $500 price tag {each} was a bit much right now and we were just waiting to find the $$$$.

Sucks to be us, because now we have three more mouths to feed and the worry that one of the sluts will get pregnant again.
Have I mentioned that we were told they were males when we brought them home.
Jerks.  The cat owners, not the cats.

Anyways, here are the {many} photos taken during the big event.
You can insert your "Oooohs" and "Awwws" at any time because that is what we did as we watched it all happen.
Baby number one arrives shortly after we discovered Smokey was labouring outside on our deck. We put her into her bed minutes before the big moment. Yay, us!
Baby number 2 arrived 10 minutes later.
I am amazed at how Smokey knew what to do immediately......the licking and cleaning...the biting of the cord.....the eating of the placenta.

Baby number three was a surprise to the spectators and Smokey, but she dealt with it like a champ when all she really wanted to do was sleep.
By this point, I was madly in love.
I mean, seriously....look at this face.
And the teeny, tiny, skinny legs.

Good job Smokey!!!!!!!

OK......so now that I have fallen madly in love with kittens that my husband refuses to keep, please tell me how to NOT get attached.
5 spays/neuters=money we don't have right now.
All we wanted was a couple male barn cats to keep the mice away..............
And if you want, you can follow me in instagram as I will be posting daily pictures of the beauties.
I am Vikkih1975.


Emily said...

Ummm.....I want the first one. And the second....and the third. But seriously - I want the first one. I just DIED.

The Lovely One said...

oh, so cute! I love newborn baby kittens!

Gigi said...

I think your hubby may lose this one - they are too darn sweet!

As far as spaying them - I know that some of the pet clinics, SPCA, shelters, etc. sometimes has these specials just to help people get their animals spayed or neutered. Ask around at your local places and see if they do the same.

Amy Burzese said...

So sweet. I have two new little ones. Mama was killed on the highway so they came home with me a little early at 4 weeks.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh kittens! So cute!

Check around - you should be able to do a lot better than that. A lot of shelters do specials and often vet clinics do twice yearly specials. Ask around about a discount spay/neuter clinic. You could call a local shelter and talk to them - they should have some ideas.

Jennifer said...

Kittens are cute, but five cats is a lot of cats. Plus isn't the other cat expecting too?

Pat said...

Smokey's a beautiful tabby cat and her babies are adorable.

Jen said...

So So So cute!

What about taking them to your local Humane Society... here they will spay for a cheap price or for free. Or search to see if there is a local vet school where vet students might need the 'practice'.

Anonymous said...

Awww, precious! I remember when my cat, Kit, had her babies & I still have her and one of her babies. =)

Jenners said...

What an amazing thing to be able to witness!!!!! I look forward to more more more photos of cute little kittens! Isn't it amazing how their instincts kick in?

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Birth is still a miracle to me and You got to watch it ~ I fell in love viewing your wonderful photos ~ Wow! ~thanks, (A Creative Harbor)

Brooke said...

found you because I stalk...scratch that...follow Emily :)

these babies are SOOOO cute! I already have two or I'd ask for one. One was my limit for so long because I thought more = crazy cat lady. Then I got my number two. turns out more then one does = CCL and that's okay!

Anne Payne said...

Oh, they are precious! Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment.

I agree with Lisa. Look around for better prices. Local shelters often offer big discounts for spay/neuter.

Nancy Claeys said...

Do you have a local "country" vet? Ours did us a deal on 3 cats for around $200. Also our shelter will spay/neuter for a very low price.

We have 6 farm cats, all spayed/neutered now. It's cheaper than rat poison and alot more fun to be around. :)

Elaine A. said...

Wow, I bet that was really amazing to watch. Hope you can find good homes for those babies... :)

Melissa C. said...

$500 each? That's absurd! Whoever quoted you that is insane. I definitely agree that you should call around. Even if there aren't any inexpensive spay/neuter clinics around, most vets charge half that or even less to spay cats. And you can always ask if there's any way they can do it for less. Often they want to do a lot of extra tests (blood work, etc.) prior to the surgery, and maybe they'll agree to do the surgery without all the tests (that's how spay/neuter clinics or spay/neuter events associated with shelters do it for so much less). Maybe if you can find an inexpensive place, you can get them all fixed and keep them all!