June 05, 2012

Basketball Diaries

Dear Diary
Momma here.
Can I just tell you how freaking fantabulous it is that Messy has finally found a sport he loves?
My heart is full of happy because my oldest boy has fallen in love with basketball and has not given up after the first try.
He doesnt whine and complain about going every weekend.
Instead he wakes up excited to put on his shorts and shoes and goes right outside to practice.
I am giddy.
Not just because basketball is my favourite sport to play, but because he chooses to participate 100% every single game.
Because he has committed himself 150% throughout the entire season.
Because he smiles when playing.
And is away from the computer.
And doesnt care if he loses or wins.
He just loves the game.
My one wish is that he continues to love it just for the sake of playing and having fun.
Not winning or losing.
and I wish for my boy to stay young forever.
it would be really nice if he would start wearing underwear once in awhile.
Ok.  That was 3 wishes.
Love Momma


Pssst....come back tomorrow because I will have the full story on Smokey the cat giving birth.
The come back Friday for a tour of my kitchen.


Gigi said...

Isn't it great when they find something they love?!

And be glad he's going commando and not wearing the same pair all week long as mine did. I only realized it after I did laundry and there wasn't ANY of his underwear in all the loads. Ick!

Stacy Uncorked said...

You must be one proud mama! :) It's evident he loves it just from the pictures - very, very cool. :)

Then and Now... Ready for Summer!

Bridget at Le. Rheims said...

That sounds so wonderful. My kids are all kinda all over the place with their interests. It would be nice to find that one thing that each of them absolutely loves so that I could then encourage them in it. Oh well. I'll keep waiting. :) Stopping by from the Dumb Mom's linky. :)

Foursons said...

Yay for basketball! My boys just finished a basketball camp and loved it. You got great shots. All of mine were dark and noisy.

Laughing at Gigi's comment. My nephew did the same thing. :D