June 17, 2012

A Tale of True Stories

True Story.
Our home is sandwiched between two vacant poultry barns.
They used to house chickens and ducks and turkeys.
Chickens/ducks/turkeys=poultry just in case you werent sure.
True story.
When poultry resided there, it was noisy and stinky.
But I didnt live there then, so it is ok.
True story.
When my father in law lived on this property, he would rescue runaway poultry.
True story.
He had pet ducks and a turkey.
True story.
The vacant barns arent very pretty.
True story.
If there was still poultry there, I would rescue them too.
True story.
I would name my ducks Alvin and Theodore.
The turkey would be called Beauty because there is nothing beautiful about the way a turkey looks and I wouldn't want it to feel self-conscious.
My chickens would be named Lucky and Blessed.
Get it?
Yes, I really think of crap like this.
True story.
I need to get a life.

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Gigi said...

I'm glad you think of stuff like this because Beauty, Lucky & Blessed just made my morning!

Mari said...

True story - I loved your post - and the names were the best!

Pamela Gordon said...

Great post. I know what a chicken farm smells like as there's one down the road. When you drive by and the wind is right it's pretty awful. Glad I don't live close to it.

TexWisGirl said...

totally laughing throughout. :)

Rose said...

Enjoyed this a lot!

Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure the noise wasn't the only nasty thing about the poultry farms.

Beth said...

my hubby had a pet duck named "killer bill" ... we have pics of him hanging up in the home today. lovely shots. (:

Tanya said...

ha, fun post....true story: in elementary school our teacher read from where the sidewalk ends to us. that was my first intro into poetry. while driving to my grandparents house one afternoon we passed a "poultry" place and i said to my mom "lets run inside there, there's a book i want to get" haha, it took her a few minutes to figure out that i was talking about poetry, and not poultry!

another true story: when we lived in georgia there was a chicken farm across the street. the smell would get so terrible, gah! luckily we lived down a little bit from it so it wasn't as bad as some others!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you're seriously crackin me up! Too funny & love the names... love the log fence, too!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Thanks for the giggle today!

Elaine said...

Certainly not the rustic charm to old poultry barns like many other barns have. Somehow the fact that these are abandoned isn't sad at all, except maybe that you don't have Alvin and Theodore and Beauty and Lucky and Blessed.

Faye said...

But you have such a rich inner life! True story. :-)

We have chicken farms in western Kentucky and for sure they don't smell very good. Once as part of my work we had to give a tour of a chicken farm and processing plant. Put me off chicken nuggets for a long time. . .

Heatherlyn said...

Someday we might get chickens for laying eggs. And by someday I mean probably never but it is a really nice idea. There are turkeys down the road about 1 mile and sometimes they get out and we can see a herd of turkeys walking down the middle of the road. They stop traffic. And they eat people's gardens. But I still think they are cool. Even cooler is the peacock farm about 4 miles away off a busy highway. The peacocks just go wherever they want and we pass herds of them feeding almost every day. It's lovely. I wish they lived closer to our home and wandered into our backyard. We only get quail in our backyard on occasion, which are cute and tiny but not nearly as cool as turkeys and chickens and peacocks.

Carole said...

Great post, and great shots. :-)

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