July 10, 2012


Summer is a whole bunch of fun, isn't it?
It would be even better if I had the body of a Victoria's Secret model, but, its just not gonna happen and I am slowly coming to terms with it.
Anyways, we have been spending alot of time at the beach.
The private-family-owned beach that is so much better than the busy-neverknowhereyourchildrenare-beach.

Stuff my kids do at the beach.
*swim until their skin is wrinkled
*jump some more
*yell some more

Stuff Momma does at the beach
*lay down
It's fun.

And here is my weekly Instagram dump.
Just because.
*clouds are pretty
*swimming all day makes for very tired little girls
*feeding the ducks with Grandma.  It's one of the moments I want all three of my children to always remember
*very handsome snorkeler
*soccer player feet
*a pretty blue building we passed in the boat
*boys love fire.  Why?
*husband's girlfriend.  I asked Instagrammers to name her {the boat}.  Daisy.  Betsy.  Shelley.  Do you have any good names?
*swimmers/tubers aka fish {my children}
*husband found the kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for my post with hundreds of photos tomorrow.
*Studley the dog's last photo before going to Heaven.  I still cannot talk about it.
*our friends, the ducks
*crunchy grass is not very pretty
*me trying to see how many chins I can make.  It's a fun game.  Try it.
*I miss Studley.
*middle child and his look-alike uncle after losing his championship ball hockey game.  He was devastated but managed to turn his frown upside down for a few seconds.

Are you on Instagram? 
It's fun there.
I am right here if you want to see more.



Elaine A. said...

I'm sorry but I will NOT be playing that "see how many chins" you can make" game. I absolutely HATE that part of my anatomy. Yeah.

I'm so sorry about Studley. He was an awesome friend, I know. xoxo

Gigi said...

I want to come to that beach! I can sit and lay with the best of them.

Jen said...

you are a nut... love it.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I like that kind of immobility you're supporting!

Anonymous said...

No WAY am I going to see how many chins I can make! Too scary! (Unless it's over cocktails, then it might be super funny)