July 28, 2012


Oh Lordy, Lordy, I have so much to tell you guys!
Like my trip to Niagara Falls.
And meeting a fellow blogger who didn't steal all my money and shove me in the trunk of her car.
It was a fear I had of meeting people who live in my computer.
I have issues.

I have so much to tell you!
But first I have to show you photos of boat houses.
Because I fell in love with them on a recent boat cruise and think I should take photos of hundreds of the unique structures....then put them all into a coffee table book.
And charge $50 each.
Because I dream of becoming a millionaire so I can afford to have my own boathouse and then go visit my new blogger friend in the US of A.
That's why.

*I enjoy stone buildings


*More stone




*Work in Progress

Stuff I like to capture


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Absolutely wonderful boathouse captures ~ Love them too! ~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

The Lovely One said...

Your pictures are beautiful, as always!

I have the same fear of internet friends-- or rather, my husband does. That's why I've never been to a blog conference or a bloggy meet up!

Foursons said...

We would have had to pay an extra fee to the airlines if we had kidnapped you and shoved you in our luggage. BUT- you definitely should make a visit to the U.S. of A. More specifically, S. Central TX. You'll love it. Well, if you come in the winter you'll love it. You'll feel like it is summer all over again and who doesn't love that?

I love bridges. Everywhere I go I take bridge pictures. It would make a lovely coffee table book too.

Nancy Claeys said...

I've met one blogger friend in person and it was very enjoyable.

These captures are so special -- we have nothing like this where we live!

Gigi said...

I wouldn't steal your money and put you in the trunk - promise!

But I know what you mean - I stress over meeting people. I'm so glad you and Julie got to meet; a little jealous, but glad. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Love the boathouses! I want one.

Deborah said...

fantastic captures!
love boathouses ...

Anonymous said...

What wonderful captures! I like your idea of a coffee table book.

Kristy LifenReflection said...

how unique, love the boat houses

Jenners said...

So glad to hear you were not meeting an axe murderer you met online. I have yet to meet a fellow blogger in real life but I'm encouraged that you did ... and survived!!