August 26, 2012

Instagram Dump

I am madly in love with Instagram.
Will you please go out and buy yourself an iPhone so you can get this app and we can share our lives with each other please and thank you?
I will admit that I take too many pictures of my cats...... barn cats who aren't allowed in the house, but I love them so much I am considering moving out to the barn with them.
So we can cuddle.
And nuzzle.

Don't judge me.
Just accept me as the crazy cat lady I am and follow me.
I am Vikkih1975.

Anyways, lets go with my recent captures.
*Blackie the barn cat who I think is pregnant.  Slut.
*Ike and Duke resting after their big day at the Carrot fest
*Lucky the barn kitten.
*Shadows.  Me, my girl and her balloons.  Dear Santa.  Please bring Princess a huge bag of balloons because they keep her occupied for days.  Love Momma.

My creation

*Duck family at the cottage.  We can hand feed the beauties, but I haven't been able to pick one {or four} up to take home with me.
*Eyelashes.  Just in case you weren't sure.
*The boys with their $2 hats that they refuse to take off.  Dear Santa.  Please leave the boys 7 of these hats for Christmas.  Love Momma.
*My girl is the spitting image of my Father {up in Heaven}.  I don't know if it makes me happy or even more sad than I already am about losing him.
My creation
*Rowdy's selfie photo.  Back off ladies.  He is all mine.
*Dear Santa.  The kids would love a canoe...and a kayak...and a paddle boat for Christmas.  I would love a million dollars.  Love Momma.
*My husband wiping boogers off of the wall because our brats refuse to use tissues.  Dorks.
*Smokey with her babies.  Did I mention Blackie might be pregnant? 
My creation
Share your Instagram info so I can follow you back.
And make sure to take pictures of your cats.
It's fun.


Jennifer said...

I love instagram too. Can you believe I took not even one photo last week? I'm not even sure why. I feel so lame.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love IG too! Its very addicting to say the least! I do not even remember what my life was like before IG!

Jenners said...

Shivers about the boogers on the wall. ICK!