August 02, 2012

Nous manquons Studley.

Our family isn't doing too well without our dear Studley.
We miss him alot.
We miss him laying outside while we play/garden.
We miss him licking up the crumbs on the floor.
I miss stepping over him during the night on my way to the bathroom.

We miss everything about him.
Except the way he smelled.

We have come to the conclusion that our family must have a canine companion at all times.
Life isn't "complete" without a dirty dog to clean up after.
So we are looking for a new family member to bring back our smiles.

Do you have a dog?
What breed do you prefer?
Can you figure out a way for me to find a dog just like Studley....without the stank?
stank=horrible, dirty ass stench
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Emily said...

I want a beagle - so badly.

Heather Draney said...

I'm a lab girl. There's no such loyalty as a lab's loyalty. Golden retrievers are a near second. Find a cute mix puppy to rescue!

Smellyann said...

So sorry for your loss. :(

Hubs wants another German Shepherd. I want a Chihuahua - a teeny, tiny one.

Maybe we'll get both.

Or heck, a Puli.

Sommerfugl Design said...

Sorry for your loss.

I would really love to have a retriver, huskey, newfoundlander... pretty much one of each, so perhaps I am not the best to ask.

Good luck. I don't think you will find another Studley, but you will find another great companion!

Heatherlyn said...

I was just thinking about Studley the other day, even though I never met him. You had so many great pictures and good posts.

My parents had a golden retriever while I was growing up. They make fabulous family dogs and are very easy to train. Labs have a lot more energy as younger dogs than goldens do and are more likely to eat your wooden deck if they get bored. I love golden retrievers.

Sadly, we are not home enough to have a dog. :( We do have 3 chickens though. :P

Becca said...

Sorry about your doggie :(

We were without a dog for almost a year and we missed having one the whole time. My favorite dog so far has been my Husky/Retriever. He was so smart and fun :)

shopannies said...

feeling for you as our family lost our beloved pet this week as well

Patti Smith said...

We have a female black Lab named Piper. She is absolutely gorgeous and very smart...she already has her first Obedience Degree and we are working on the second degree of three degrees total.
I lasted 5 months without my last girl...a black lab/German Shepherd cross whom I rescued. She had an abusive, neglectful first 13 months of her life, but with love and patience...overcame it all and became a VERY high scoring Obedience Champion. There isn't anything much finer than a rescue dog!
Try Googling for my Lab breeder. Two lots of puppies are on their way with a third litter coming up in the Fall. Maybe you would be interested in getting a B.C. dog! LOL

Jenners said...

Awww…I'm sure Studley's passing leaves a big hole in your home. I love my little Romeo (who is a Havanese) but he isn't the same type of dog as Studley and don't think he'd quite scratch the itch you are looking for.