August 14, 2012


There was a time in my life when I was mad at my parents for not giving me a sister. I loved my brother, but a sister would be...just...different and more special-er.
But then I realized it would probably be horrible because she would be pretty and perfect and I would hate her forever.
Then, there was a time that I was mad at my parents for not giving me 4 more siblings. I heard big families were fun and just knew that it wouldn't be much more work for my parents who already had two brats.

Then I had my own children and totally understand why they gave up at two.
And hopefully my children will understand why I gave up at 3.

But I will be mad if they don't give me a hundred and forty-seven grandchildren.

As my children grow older, I enjoy watching their relationships with each other develop.
Nicholas (aka Messy) is the protective older brother to his little sister and makes sure, at all times that she is safe and taken care of. When she gets hurt, she runs to him first. When she needs assistance, he is the one she looks for.
Matthew (aka Rowdy) is the fun, playful older brother to his little sister and makes sure at all times that she is laughing and doing inappropriate crap. When she is laughing, it is probably because of Matthew. When she is arguing, it is probably with him because they are so alike it scares me.
Nicholas and Matthew. Well, they argue and beat the s$&* out of eachother on a daily basis, but if one of them is hurt {by someone else}, look out, because their brother will be there to fix it all.
Its a fascinating lesson in human behaviour at my house every single day. I am thinking about charging admission and offering tours to students who need a challenge or a psychology lesson.
Because I am nice like that.
Always here to help.

And all admission fees will go to my children's future therapy bills, because I know the price will be hefty.

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Gigi said...

I remember being angry with my parents because we were a small (2 kid) family and being angry that they didn't give me a sister. That last one still bugs me, because I still feel like I should have had a sister. (Apparently, I have *issues*)

Reading this post (along with some other factors) makes me wish I'd had more than one.

Jen said...

I love watching my kids together even if they fight like cats and dogs.

alicia said...

I used to want a large family until I gave birth to my first, ha. I'm happy to have both a boy and girl! Great captures. Love the interaction!

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Love these photos! There's nothing like the bond and rivalry between siblings. :)

Elaine A. said...

As you probably know, there is much the same dynamic in my household. ;)

And when I was a little girl, growing up with 3 older brothers, I had FOUR imaginary sisters and of course we all got along wonderfully. Guessing if I had really had that many sisters that would not have been the case... ha!

Mrs. Fun said...

I was one of two and when my brother passed I knew I'd have a big family. I wanted 6 but stopped at 4, thank goodness.

Jen said...

I was pointed out recently that the relationship you have with your siblings is that longest bond you'll have in your life. I got angry at my parents because I didn't have an older brother. No way to fix that one. Good thing I got over it. lol

Heatherlyn said...

Those are fantastic pictures! They tell a million stories! (I was always glad I never had a sister. I was happy to not have to compete because I was so different than my Mom I was sure that if I had a sister that she would totally be just like my Mom and they'd leave me out. Being the only daughter I never got left out.) I was also sure that I'd be fine with only boys though and now I can't imagine life without my 3 girls. I LOVE my girls (and my boys). SO maybe I would have really liked a sister or two or three. :)