August 16, 2012

Soccer Star.

Have you ever watched a 4 year old play soccer?
Ummm.....let me rephrase that....
Have you ever watched my 4 year old play soccer?
Because it is entertaining.
Not because she makes historic plays and scores tons of goals, but because she is more interested in picking flowers and dancing with her friends.
And doing cartwheels.
And gossiping with the other team.
True story.
When her coach was giving the kids a pep talk, my princess chirped in {very loudly} "I don't even like soccer!!!"
We were so proud.
But we kept taking her.
She was having fun.
And it really didn't matter if she was scoring goals or passing to her teammates, because she is 4.
This child of ours has no desire to become the next soccer star.
But give her the opportunity to meet friends and dance around the field while singing One Direction songs........
that is more her style.
And it is so fun to watch.
*Do your children love playing team sports?
*Is there a parenting secret I dont know about to get them more interested?
*Or should I just sign her up for dancing and singing lessons?

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Elaine A. said...

I had Gavin play at that age too and it was simply comical. I could have paid for some stand-up comedy tickets and gotten about the same amount of entertainment AND a night out! ;)

She's certainly cute in her uniform and I'm sure she's having fun but yeah, dancing and singing lessons sound great - ha!

Jenners said...

She's playing like every 4-year-old I've ever met … including my own back in the day!

Foursons said...

"I don't even like soccer!" Bwhahahahahahahaha! Love that girl.

Jen said...

Given a choice between Pros and 4 year olds playing soccer I choose the kids. So entertaining! And the kids are always happy no matter what. No question about her being a good team mate or sport as she walks hand in hand and chats. :D

Heatherlyn said...

We've had kids who also pick the flowers, play ring-around-the rosies, and swing on the goal posts. I have to say that the same kids who excel at team sports also excel at dance. But all kids mature at a different rate. My oldest son who I was so positive would NEVER play team sports might just be on the high school football team this year. I would have never seen that coming. So you never know what will happen! I'd just keep smiling, telling her that she does great, and taking great pictures!