September 17, 2012

Crap I Have Learned Recently

*sometimes it is OK to remember the days before I was a parent. And miss them.
*rabbits can run really fast when a black cat named Blackie is chasing them
*cats can run really fast just a few days after giving birth
*it is possible to sleep without sleeping pills after relying on them for 2 years.  Imagine that.
*Finding Nemo is still an amazing movie to see at the theatre
*Ike the horse enjoys pissing in his stall, when I am in it with him
*horse urine does not make your skin softer
*sweaty camel toes at the gym make me vomit a little in my mouth
*my daughter wants to be a rock star

*and so do my boys

*my family thinks the toilet paper rolls magically replace themselves
*explaining breastfeeding to a four year old is difficult
*watching hours and hours of Intervention never gets boring
*and Dirty Jobs
*purchasing Halloween candy 1.5 months early is not smart when trying to lose weight
*it is very hard for me to keep my mouth shut when witnessing a fellow gym "lady" smoking after just working out minutes before
*writers block is hard when wanting to write be continued...........


Emily said...

Bahahahaha - I have videos of Steve rockin' out just like those three. Must be a family thing??! And do you think getting peed on by a horse is lucky - like getting pooped on by a bird?

Gigi said...

Loved your little rock stars!

And yeah, I hear you about the toilet paper. My family thinks the same thing.

Jenners said...

I misread the horse urine thing for a second. I thought perhaps you'd been using it on your face!

Loving that eecard!