September 05, 2012

Fall Fairs Should be Fun....Except They Arent.

My husband is a Fall Fair Junkie.
Yes, really.

Every year he drags the family to a Fair way up in the middle of nowhere, so we can see chickens and cows and horses and mullets.
And every year we go anticipating something exciting.  Something different.
Except it doesn't happen.

It is the same shit, every single year.
Just with more mullets.

We saw chickens.  Again.
They still looked like chickens.
Most of them......anyways....

We saw sheep. Again.

We paid a ridiculous amount of $$$$ for each 2 minute ride....for each kid.
Seriously, wtf is with that???

There were tantrums.
And attempted "runaways".
Totally not anything new.

We saw cows.
I stepped in manure....while wearing sandals.

I snapped photos of ginormous ball sacs.
Yada yada.
Same old stuff.

We paid alot of $$$$ on a game, so she could go home with this piece of crap.
{Look at her dirty fingernails. Icky icky.}

But look at how happy my hubby is.

He had fun.
Just like every other year.
Maybe next year the Fair will have lions and tigers...
...and sharks.
Or even a whale.
Now that would be fun.



hilljean said...

Ok, I think you walked away with some gold. The chicken that isn't really dead? Priceless.

Gigi said...

Some days, like today, I need to carry that sign around my neck!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

LOL over the chicken. WE didn't do the fair this year because it's just gotten too expensive.

deb duty said...

Fun photos! Looks like a good time even if a little over priced!

Andee said...

I love the sign on the chickens pen. Too funny.

Nancy Claeys said...

I really need one of those signs to hang around my neck. Cute post! :)

HoodPhoto said...

Your chicken photo made me laugh! You should stop by my blog and share it with us on Orange You Glad It's Friday, a new meme featuring photos with a little or a lot of orange. Hope to see you there!

joanne said...

I totally love your fun post....Your sense of humor is great!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Been there, done that♫♪ Thanks for sharing!

Bev Hankins said...

What a fun post!! Thanks for the Saturday smiles.

Visiting from Orange You Glad It's Friday. Here's my Orange Post.

Ida said...

OMG That sign was funny! Also the
first chicken, "?" was totally awesome, talk about a bad hair day.
Yep, Fairs have pretty much the same thing every year but the memories of going are worth it if you stop and think about it.