September 04, 2012

Oh, hi.

Remember me?
I am the person who likes to pretend she is all together and totally cool with life, but, really I am a f-ing mess of a human being going through the hardest year of her life.

my daddy is in Heaven
Studley is in Heaven
my cats keep getting pregnant

Now summer is over.
And my baby is starting school.

Not alldayeveryotherday school, but, alldayeveryf-ingday school.
My heart cannot take this.

I should have another baby.
And then I should keep having babies until my babies have babies so I will never be baby-less.

Like I said, I am a mess.

Have a great day.
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Jana Faith said...

I'm so sorry to read you're having a hard time. Hugs to you, friend. I'm no momma so I have no advice to give on that front...but you definitely have my sympathies.

Foursons said...

Does Princess understand she will have to wear pants to school? :)

It is a REALLY rough year on you. Praying for you FRIEND.

Elaine A. said...

Well, look at this way. At least she's not driving... yet. ;P


hilljean said...

Awww :( I am so sorry. Those are the worstest of rotten no-good sort of days. I suppose you could just keep popping babies out. Or you could take over the kittens. A puppy?

I don't know :( I wish I could say something helpful. All I got is "hang in there."

Gigi said...

I'm late to the party, as usual.

Sending you hugs. And wondering how her first day went?

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sorry you are having a rough year. Hope things get better.

Dee - WishfulMe said...

A virtual (hug) is all I have to offer you. Sounds like a rough moment in your life. I hope things smooth out for you soon!

BTW: Cute socks! :)

Take care,

Jen said...

You know, I just had that thought yesterday. I can totally understand why people who have kids all in school go on to have another baby. Mommy needs a baby to take care of. But the hard part is... when do you end that?

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awwww! It really is a bittersweet time of year, isn't it? ((HUGZ!!))

Blue Moon Dragon's Eye

Jenners said...

I'm sure it is hard but just imagine the FREE TIME you can have to yourself every day!!! It will be wonderful once you adjust! (No more babies!!!!!! Just kittens!!!) Hugs to you.