September 10, 2012

Pee pee. Kindergarten. And Dance Class.

What's crack-a-lackin?

My day today involved taking dry clothes to the school because a little 4 year old who I know quite well peed herself.
This Kindergarten crap is stressful for her.
And me.
This little girl cried when I left.
And it took every little piece of my willpower to NOT scoop her up and steal her from the school....forever.
I am not dealing with this incredibly huge transition period very well.
And knowing that she is nervous/shy makes me question every single minute of parenting she has had in her short life.
Did I screw her up?
Has my fear and sadness over this full time school crap been so obvious that she is now fearing it herself?
Did I coddle her too much?
We will adjust.
Just as we have, to every other challenge thrown our way.
And, there is always Monday evenings to look forward to.
Dance class.

Photo Tip of the Week
-capture the "little things".  The subject's face doesn't always have to be in the photo.  I love her I captured it.  I am so happy I did.


Jana Faith said...

Precious photos. I'm not a parents yet - but as a teacher - it gets easier for the parents and the children. I think she's probably quite normal and so are you.

polin scott said...

Nice photographs.All parents should make there child learn dance if they are interested.And I have seen that Australian kids are more eager to learn dance,as even my cousin's daughter is learning hiphop,contemporary,belly dance lessons from earlwood.

Gigi said...

Oh bless her little heart. She will be fine eventually. She will get used to the situation and will soon be confident and loving school. This is just a transitional phase, I'm sure. And once you see that she's doing okay then you will feel better about it.

Susan said...

She is precious! Love her outfit and those poses are priceless.

Great job...♥

Heatherlyn said...

Love the little dance photos!

I'm sure she'll adjust to school and eventually come to like it. <3

Jennifer said...

She's four and in kindergarten?! That seems so very young to already be in kindergarten.

Jenners said...

Awww…that is tough but I know you both will get through it cuz you are tough!

Elaine A. said...

You WILL get there both of you. But of course my Momma heart completely understands wanting to take her home!!

Love the belly shot!