September 08, 2012


Item #1
Oldest child loves hats.
He also insists on acting like an old man while wearing one.
Item #2
I am a gardening failure this year.
My excuses-too hot, too dry and I hate weeding.
I deeply regret this behaviour and promise to do better next year.
Item #3
Smokey the cat still nurses her 3+ month old kittens.
Is this weird?
Item #4
There is a freshly painted horse sleigh here.
We just need seats and snow.
And hubby needs a Santa suit.
Item #5
Middle child yells at me every time I take his picture without asking first.
I just say "Sorry. I will ask next time." and then we are all good.
But I never ask.
Because if I do, he gives me smiles like this.

Item #6
Hubby washed all of his finds from my Grandparents rickety shed.
Everything now sits in our brand new garage awaiting a place in the barn that he plans on renovating partly into a man cave/museum.
Item #7
Hubby purchased a barely used hole-free pond liner.
Because he wants ducks.
Hold me.
Ducks=coyote food=stressed out Momma
Item #8
The hat-wearer loves his new bike.
{he put his helmet on immediately after I snapped this}
Item #9
Ike and Duke love me more than anyone else in the world.
Item #10
Blackie the barn cat is pregnant.
I am so upset about this, I cant even talk about it.
Item #11
The corn across the street is over my head now.
I am always fascinated by how tall it gets.
And how scary it would be to get lost in a field full of corn.
Smokey likes to find mice over there.
And she always finds her way back.
Good thing, because I wouldn't go looking for her........
Item #12
Princess still wears her rubber boots on the wrong feet.
I will never get tired of this.

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Linda Makiej said...

Terrific work here.... just great!!

Lighthousegal said...

Wonderful photos.
1 - love the tip of the hat as if saying hello!
2 - at least you plant the garden and it does produce veggies.
3 - Mamma cat will wean the kittens when she is ready.
4 - sleigh looks great and ready for snow!
5 - natural photos of the kids are so much better than posed ones.
6 - hope you hubby's projects go faster than my hubby's (umpteen unfinished ones).
7 - good luck with the ducks.
8 - reminds me of my youth... many hours spent riding a bike.
9 - beautiful horses (even from behind... lol)
10. - Blackie is beautiful. We have a stray cat much like her. He is Not a people person and will not let us get close to him at all. He has sort of adopted us and one of our neighbors.
11. take my word for it, getting lost in the corn Is Not Fun!!
12 - My favorite photo of them all!! Reminds me of my son when he was about 4. He too would put his boots on the wrong feet. I told him one day that they were on the wrong feet, he looked down at them and said, "its the only feets I got"!
Gotta Love Kids!
Happy Sunday!

Jana Faith said...

My hubby and I love your kitty pictures. KITTIES! That's so funny about your middle kid and the impromptu pictures. His picture face reminds me of Chandler on Friends.

Susan said...

These are such amazing shots.

I have a cat that looks just like yours.

Your son is so handsome!

Hope you have a blessed Sunday...♥

Terri Buster said...

Love your series- all super shots!

Anonymous said...

Your son looks so cute in his hat. The tabby cats are adorable; so is Blackie.
Boots on the wrong feet - precious.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Life is good ~ Fantastic photography ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Anonymous said...

Love this series of shots... your boy's cute face made me smile... your kitty smokey looks like my gelly... you've simply give me a glimpse of so much today! Thanks for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #47!

Nancy Claeys said...

Pregnant cats are not a welcome surprise. We had all of ours (5 females & 1 male) fixed. Otherwise, I was ready to end up on an episode of hoarders.

Jenners said...

Could any of the kittens be the father of the new cats? Ewww! : )

and your son sure knows how to wear a hat!

Cheryl said...

What a fun and funny post. Really great photos. Love all the color and your kids' expressions--both on their faces and of their personalities.

Emily S said...

That boot picture cracks me up...and if anybody warns me of my picture being taken, I make that same cheesy smile face.

rooth said...

Your pictures are so great and I love the snippets behind every one of them - your middle one's "posed" smile cracks me up

Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl said...

I love this post! Your photos are gorgeous, your comments a riot. New fan here and I hope I can persuade you to come share this post at my Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest: