December 16, 2012


26 people lost their lives on December 14 for no reason. 
All because of one young "evil".  I cannot call him a human being because, I believe, deep in my heart that no human being would purposely take the lives of precious 6-7 year old children and the wonderful people who dedicated their lives to teaching them.

I have spent the last three days glued to the television.

In tears.
Asking why?

But, we all know that whatever "Evil's" reason was for viciously taking their lives, it doesn't matter.
No reason would make it OK.  There will never be a time when we say "It's OK that he murdered 26 young, healthy, happy human beings."

His parents divorce.
Learning difficulties.
Personality disorder.
Gun ownership.

We can all discuss the issues, "Evil"  might have had but it still does not justify his actions.

Yes, mental illness is a huge problem in today's society with long waiting lists and lack of support.
Yes, parents need more help when raising a child with difficulties.
Yes, the gun laws suck balls and need to be changed asap.


He intentionally killed his mother. 
He intentionally broke into an elementary school wearing black and carrying guns.
Then purposely shot 26 innocent victims.....multiple times.

No personal issue excuses that behaviour.
And throwing the autism/mental illness card in the mix makes me so fucking angry.  There are millions of human beings with a mental illness or diagnosed with a disorder under the autism umbrella, but they do not murder their mothers and viciously attack children.

There are millions of young adults whose parents have divorced and they turn out to be intelligent, loving human beings who never think to ambush a school with rifles.

To me, there is only one reason.

And I hope he was greeted by the Devil.


Gigi said...

I have been so sick over this; I finally had to turn the television off - I couldn't bear it any more. There is no explanation; no rhyme or reason. Evil might be the only answer.

Jenners said...

I can't watch this. It is too heartbreaking and difficult to understand. And I agree … this is evil in one of its many forms.

Elaine A. said...

My heart is so broken over this. So, so broken...

Anonymous said...

Pure evil - surrounds us and can strike at anytime, anywhere, no reason needed. Right now I am surrounding myself with reminders of all we do to combat evil, everyday, everywhere in this world. It is the only way I can cope as a mother, parent, sister, aunt and great-aunt to 4 precious little ones. I do hope that this kicks the badly needed gun ownership in the ass and something good can come from such heartbreaking and senseless losses. Patty/BC