December 28, 2012

I am tired.

Holy euoihfndklbfkbnhjdsla I am tired.
I think I could sleep for the next week.
Christmas is grand but, man it is alot of work.

One minute your house is clean, your tree is pretty and overflowing with gifts.....
....the next minute it looks like a bomb has hit right smack dab in the living room.

We survived.
There were many smiles and giggles.
A few tears.
Lots of "THISISJUSTWHATIWANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
and "I wish it was Christmas every day!!!!!!!!!!!!".

While my family opened their gifts and squealed with excitement, I etched the moments into my mind.  I never, ever want to forget these moments because, I know in just a few years it will all be over.

Kelle's friend said it best.  All of these moments are a scrapbook in my brain.  And as my kids ripped open their gifts, smiled/squealed/laughed/played, I recorded those moments in my brain.

My family, and the moments.

Here are just a few of the moments captured.
{I plan on buying my kids matching Christmas jammies until they are 75}
{"Mom, this is just what I wanted!  Santa listened to me!"}
{Dear Me.  Remember this moment always.  Love Me}
{Dear Me. Remember this moment too. Love Me
{Cant she stay 4 forever????}
{Jersey probably would have said "I love you Santa" if he could talk}
Other things that happened
* we ate alot of spinach dip
* Princess drank alot of fruit punch which means every picture we took of her includes a red moustache
turkey coma
* Momma got an iPad
It's OK.  Be jealous.  I would if I were you.
* one of my kids loves his new plaid shirt and work socks so much, he wants to sleep in them.....
and wear them everysingleday
And how was your Christmas???????
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Gigi said...

Looks like it was a very good Christmas at your house!

Foursons said...

Woohoo, Santa delivered at your house! Glad everyone was happy and smiling at their goodies.

Jenners said...

Yes …. matching PJs until they 75! Awesome photo!!! Looks like Santa was very generous … enjoy the iPad! It ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

OneMommy said...

Love, love, love the hat!