December 03, 2012


You have missed me, haven't you?
Go on.
Just admit it.

I have been too busy watching Elf and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to blog.
Please forgive me.

Actually, to be honest, I debated shutting this whole non-paying, time waster called blogging down.
Like, forever.
But just couldn't do it.
You know how you just know you're not finished {or finished} having babies?
I just don't have that "finished" feeling when it comes to spilling my guts on the net for everyone to read.
Weird, I know.

So please stick with me as I work through this "blog funk" of mine.
I am trying my hardest to write.....
....and take pictures.

Life just kinda gets in the way sometimes.


Dog with stitches who ripped his stitches out and needed to be restitched. 
True story.
Giving kittens to nice people who chose them for their forever home even when they smelled like stinky barn and had just laid around in their canned food dish.
Putting up Christmas stuff even though I really wasn't into it.
The things I do for my kids.
Explaining to this child that it is not appropriate to say
"I farted.
It tickled.
My bum cheeks wiggled"
in public places.

Peace out.


Elaine A. said...

Your trees sure are pretty! And that is a great smile on your girl... :)

YolandaR said...

I did miss you! And all of your pictures of Jersey. And I love your christmas tree, even if you didn't want to put it up.

Gigi said...

Life DOES get in the way and sometimes there's this feeling of "why am I even doing this? What am I getting out of it?" And then I remember all the friends I've made and how much I would miss them.

You'd be missed too.