December 04, 2012

Happy {fake} birthday to me.

Today is my fake birthday.
When I was in grade 1, I told everyone in my class, including my teacher, Ms. Stewart that my birthday was December 4th.

My actual birthday is May 13th, but I didn't like it.
I liked December because it was the same month as Christmas.
And 4 was my favourite number.

It seemed logical to me at the time to just change the greatest day of my parents life until I realized that my parents had to go to "Meet the Teacher" night and actually converse with my teacher who thought my birthday was December 4.  Until I remembered that they announced birthdays on the loud speaker every morning.  Until I realized that my friends would want to come to my party in December instead of May.


Then I grew up and realized that birth dates are on every kid's file and Ms.Stewart knew the truth all along.

And.... December isn't that great after all.
Annnnnnnnd my favourite number is really 11....not 4.
So from now on my {fake} birthday will be August 11.
Just because.
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Emily said...

Steve's favorite number is 11 too!

Jana Faith said...

As a first grade teacher, THAT is fantastic! Seriously loving this story. Did your teacher humor you and give you a Birthday certificate with the made up birth date on it? I had a parent write the wrong date for her kids birthday on the student info. Weird, huh?

Lolli said...

That is hilarious!!

Lindsay said...

I am one of those parents who write the wrong birthday for their child!!! And he's only two!!! Lol

kewkew said...

Oh my, this is just too funny. Cute pictures by the way.
My sister's birthday is in May.
Would love for you to stop by and share

Gigi said...

Happy. happy {fake} birthday!

You are too funny.

Mary Gene Atwood said...

ha ha ha. My birthday is Jan 3. Always hated that. Nobody had any get up and go by Jan 3. Too close to Christmas, too hung over from New Years, what a great idea!

Jenners said...

We would have been best friends at that age!

Elaine A. said...

I made up imaginary sisters that my teacher knew I did not have. It's all good.

The Lovely One said...

ha! the things kids will do! I remember trying to convince everyone at school that my name was Kristy Nichol!

Jennifer {Life Darling} said...

Bwahahaha! I tried to change my name when I was in grade school. It lasted for zero seconds. My mom was not having it. Oh well. ;-)