January 30, 2013

5 things about me....and la familia

True story.
I have just sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of something to share with you that you don't already know.

True story.
You guys know too much about me.

1.  Jersey the dog has started obedience training.  I am pretty sure that taking him into the pet store where his class happens is the closest I will ever get to Hell.  People, he is bad.  The barking, the jumping, the tryingtoattacksmalldogs.  Hell on Earth.

I am convinced he will fail.
{This is Jersey.  Laying in the shower.  Whatever.}
2.  Tomorrow is Rowdy's birthday.  He will be 9.  I am not OK with my children growing up.  I am not OK with my 9 year old boy having bigger feet and hands than me.  I am not OK with him almost being as tall as me.  I am not OK with the amount of $$$ we spend on groceries and he isn't even a teenager yet.
Group hug.

3.  I love peanut butter and Cheez Whiz sandwiches.  There.  I said it.
4.  I am back seeing my therapist and I think I almost scared her away with my mental instability.
Apparently I am a mess.
Apparently missing my daddy has taken a toll on me.
Apparently I need reflexology.
And massages.
And yoga.
To release the pain and help with my mental healing.
Mumbo jumbo if you ask me, but I will do it if it makes me feel a tad more sane. 
True story.
I went to reflexology and the nice lady knew I was a mess just from touching my feet.

5. Princess started gymnastics.  She is determined to learn how to do a cartwheel but her flexibility is...ummm.... just like her dad.
That's it. 
That's all I have for now.
 I bet Mama Kat isn't messed up.


Tamar SB said...

PB and cheese whiz...I am all about the PB but the cheese? Hm...

Happy b-day to the big 9 year old! Must be in 3rd grade which is where I teach!

tiarastantrums said...

not fond of PB or cheez Whiz - think I would barf at that sandwich! (hee hee) Hope you find some peace for your heart, and eh, your feet!

Elaine A. said...

I am sorry that you miss your Daddy so badly but all those things do sound pretty wonderful.

I've never heard of THAT sandwich combo before. Interesting....

Greta @gfunkified said...

I love the pictures. I hope the dog training goes well (or at least, not as bad as antipicated?) and the therapy and reflexology works some kinks out. And happy birthday to your little (big) man! Thanks for linking up with us!

Foursons said...

I think I knew 3 of those things. Maybe.

I'm sorry things are so rough through the grieving process. I had to see a counselor after my dad died too. Give it time and you will feel more like yourself again. It will never be the same, but you will find a new normal.

Cheez whiz and peanut butter? *barf*

Gigi said...

Oh Viki! Cheez Whiz and PB?! Together? Have you talked to the therapist about that?

AudreyN said...

Hope dog training goes better than expected! And Happy 9th Birthday! I worry about reflexology, my feet are so ticklish I can barely get a pedicure

Anonymous said...

Ok - I have the dog from hell. She needs Cesar in a big way. We don't know why she is the way she is but she came to us at 8 weeks wired this way. I had a hard time finding a puppy class that would take us. No kidding! She was 5 lbs of hell and I wanted to crawl under the concrete. Her first class I had my foot on her leash at her collar ( as instructed by the trainer) to keep her pinned to the floor. She growled at 3 months all the way through her first class. I almost didn't show up for the next one and the next one etc. But we made it through and she graduated. She still goes ballistic when out for a walk - people she doesn't know, baby strollers, bikes etc. She's our crazy girl and we love her. Despite all her nuttiness. I lost my Mom last Feb. It's been a really really bad year. There is baggage and issues, I have never lost anyone close to me that mattered. Good that you are going to a therapist. I probably should. Hugs and best wishes to you. Patty/BC

Anonymous said...

Cheez Whiz and PB...interesting combination!! Never would have thought to put those two together ;)

Heatherlyn said...

German Shepherds are great dogs once they are well-trained, otherwise they will walk all over you.

Idk, lots of massages (and pedicures and facials too, why not?) sounds like good therapy to me. Some things time just has to heal. I wish you the best with that.

And children, they grow up so quickly. Good luck with that, too!

Sarah Reinhart said...

He's in the shower. I love that your dog is IN the shower. He's all like what? Just owning it. Of course, I think your kiddos are cute too :) Thanks for linking up with #ippp this week!

Jenners said...

PB and Cheez Whiz ? Excuse me while I throw up a little.

And wow … Jersey is BIG now! When did that happen?