January 27, 2013


Winter in Canada is the season of hibernation.
Everyone goes into their warm places, hidden away from the cold and dreary days and nights.
When the sun comes out, we all go outside and breathe in.
And then we go back inside.

I hate winter.
Have I told you that 29579346796 times?
Because I really do.

I'm pretty sure the cats do too.
Being outdoor {barn} cats, they have to find their warm spots away from the elements...and coyotes.
99% of the time those spots are upstairs in the barn, cozy and nested in the hay.
And, like us, when the sun comes out, so do they.

Hello there Norman, the 4.5 month kitten that we decided to keep because we love him muchly.
Hello there Lucky, the big, huge 7+ month old that could probably win contests searching for the "Best Looking Barn Cat".
If there ever was such a thing.
Hello there Lily, the recently spayed sister of Lucky.
So nice to see you out and about, enjoying the sun.
And...hello there Smokey, the recently spayed beautiful mommy of Lucky and Lily.
The auntie to Norman who has taken him in just like her own child, because, well, she is just the nicest, sweetest cat ever.
I am pretty sure Smokey could win a contest searching for the "Nicest Barn Cat".
If there ever was such a thing of course.
I know for sure that Norman would vote for her.
C'mon spring.
We are all waiting impatiently.


Foursons said...

You need to hop on a plane tomorrow and come visit me. We have been in the high 70's for over a week now and it is just GORGEOUS. Perfect weather. I wish it would stay like this and not get so dang hot in a couple of months, but I sure do enjoy our winters!

shirley said...

Awww, I love barn cats. Smokey looks like our Hannah cat, but he's probably nicer than her!
Hopefully spring will arrive soon.

Found you thru Lisa's blog.


Jenners said...

Oh … Norman is the best name ever! Love it!

Gigi said...

I'm with you - I'm SO ready for Spring. Granted we don't have the winter that you do, but still....come on, let's go visit Julie where it's already nice and warm!