January 19, 2013

Ike and Duke are currently.....

...very fuzzy due to winter weather
...enjoying the cooler weather
without flies...
and other bugs.
...constantly searching for grass to eat
...not kicking Jersey the dog because Jersey stays far away {thank goodness}
...guarding the property from coyotes
and other creatures.
...cute as ever
As cute as 2000+ pound horses can be anyways.


Carol L McKenna said...

Magnificent animals and wonderful photography ~ great post ~

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

I think 2000+ pound horses are extremely cute! I love your photos!

Anonymous said...

They're a beautiful pair.

Anonymous said...

Here they come... 'Whatcha got?' Love it! I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #66!

Karen said...

Wow! Beautiful - so shiny and black. Can tell they are very large by the size of their feet. Would not want to get stepped on by one! xx

Jenners said...

Jersey is cute. Ike and Duke are regal and impressive.