January 16, 2013

Jersey likes to explore. A little too much.

The End.

I think MamaKat has missed me.

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Maria The Mum said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's -
What a brilliant and fun post....I love how you were inspired
And that Dog is just gorgeous!

Kerry Bergeman said...

cute! (Kerry B w/ www.new2two.com)

Jennifer said...

Oh Jersey.

Gigi said...

LOL! And he doesn't even look sorry for his actions!

Anonymous said...

I think Jersey is just a normal crazy puppy - no different than mine ( except maybe 40 lbs or so ... ). Enjpy the puppyhood they grow up fast like kids. : ) My one little girl is still pretty crazy and the old 10 yr old one one I still call my 19th nervous breakdown! Patty/BC

Elisa said...

He's gorgeous! I think the exploring is okay since he looks like such a good boy! Great photos!

Rudy Rukus said...

That's funny!!!

Sharon said...

Your Jersey is SO handsome! The last photo is my favorite. He looks like, "Yeah, so what?" Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Funny! Jersey is a beautiful pup!

Jenners said...

This just cracks me up because both of my dogs like to explore the exact same things! Their obsession with tissues borders on the insane!

Cyndy Newsome said...

Hmmm, I know a dog like that! She also enjoys used fabric softener sheets.

Brad said...


OneMommy said...

Anyone with a dog had to crack a smile at some point in that one!

Stopping in from Mama Kat's