May 16, 2013

Dont tell my husband about this post.

I used to be a Veterinary Assistant.
I assisted during appointments, surgeries and even travelled to nearby farms for equine appointments.
I was never comfortable around horses.
Especially when holding the legs of a wound up, injured thoroughbred.

I remember standing there in my scrubs, holding on to the horse while we tried to get xrays, thinking that I didn't get paid enough for this.
I didn't get paid enough.
People who clean up poo, look at poo under a microscope and assist during sick equine stuff do not get paid enough.
Unless they are a veterinarian.

Anyways, the point of this story was to tell you that I love my horses.
I never really enjoyed the smaller horses because I found them to be strung out and very unpredictable.
But that could be because I was in scrubs standing beside the guy sticking them with needles.

Sooooooooooo.......... Percheron horses are my one and only equine breed of choice.
It's a good thing, because we have two.
Why, you ask?
I will tell you why.

Reason number 1
Their even temperament and good manners. Percheron's are known as gentle giants and Ike and Duke have proven to me that it is true.

Reason number 2
They keep the coyotes away. I mean, look at the size of their feet.

Reason number 3
Disney uses them. If they are good enough for the Disney parks, then they are more than good enough for our little 5 acre farm.

Reason number 4
They are gorgeous.
Their big heads, perfect ears, abundant manes, muscular body and dinner plate-sized hooves are...ummm....gorgeous.

Reason number 5
They have personality.
Ike likes to knock over fences and break out of his stall. Duke likes to eat while Ike chases cats. Duke likes to eat while Ike chews on the eavestrough. And Duke likes to eat while Ike rolls around in the mud.

Percheron horses are da best.
But I still wont clean up their poo.


Heatherlyn said...

I always enjoy your posts. Your horses are beautiful. Do they do a good enough job keeping the coyotes away that you could have free range chickens?

Monkeywrangler said...

Visiting on Random 5 Friday. You have some lovely Heavy Horses! I think Duke likes his feed, eh?

Nancy Claeys said...

Vikki -- so glad you shared these facts about your beautiful boys (not to mention the photos!).

I'm so jealous -- but we are not horse people and I think it's too late to start. I'll just enjoy yours. xo

Anonymous said...

Lovely horses, I guess it should have been me that attended all those horse appt that you struggled with. My husband is a Farrier and I am.. well lets just say ... handeler ... I dont even get paid to work with other peoples horses and I have given shots and wormed lots of other peoples horses for nothing... love em all but your choise of breed is wonderful and I have a deep love for the draft horse myself... lovely 5 facts Post Jolynn

Lynn said...

They are magnificent, love the hooves shot, and if I were a coyote I too wouldn't be messing with these guys.

Snap said...

Wonderful! They are gentle giants. Duke sounds like quite the eater! Happy 5 Day!

Mary said...

Percherons are magnificent!

And you're right. Poop cleaner uppers are NEVER paid enough!

Sharon Wagner said...

Those hooves definitely look like they could stomp on a coyote. We had one run right down our street right here in Minneapolis this Spring.

Scrapatches said...

Big Beautiful horses. Great photos. I really enjoyed the read ... thanks for sharing on R5F ... :) Pat

Anonymous said...

Indeed beautiful horses! But I do have a Question - why are their tails so short, don't they need long tails to flick away flies? Just wondering as I've always seen horses with long ones, unless they are braided up for a show....

Ewa said...

Oh they are beautiful!

W. Latane Barton said...

Those are such pretty horses. After cleaning up my babies I don't do poo anytime, anymore. Ever.

Elaine Alguire said...

They are so gorgeous. You have the coolest pets! :D