July 30, 2013


Let me just give you a word {or two} of advice.
If you have a little girl who loves ponies and unicorns and all things horses, you must go out and buy her an equestrian outfit.
Just because it is the most ridiculously cutest sight you ever will see.

The gloves.
The boots.
The toobigforherbutt pants.

I almost died from the cuteness.
And then, when she walked around like she totally "owned" the farm in her too cool outfit, I breathed in that moment.
That moment when her confidence soared and she worked it.
She didn't care if other people giggled or rolled their eyes{which we totally did not do}, because, in her brilliant little mind she was da bomb.
I love that.
And I love these boots.
My next goal in life is to find someone who can make her a Laura Ingalls {Little House on the Prairie} outfit.
Then I will braid her hair.
And she will march around this lil' farm, bonnet and all......with her pony named Cindy.
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Anonymous said...

She is so adorable and precious and such love in these photos ~ Wonderful photography ~ thanks ^_^

Gigi said...

That right there is cuteness personified! And the fact that she rocked it with confidence - awesome!

Foursons said...

Yup, you don't get much cuter than that. :) I love that she found her confidence while wearing the clothes, totally makes me smile for her. My mom made Little House on the Prairie costumes for us when we were kids. I wonder if she still has them?