September 24, 2013

This Dog

So, Jersey the dog turned 1 in August.
Actually, he turned one on August one.
And my husband bought him gifts.
True story.

I think his gift should have been us still owning him after all of the grief he has caused me, but, whatever.
He is loved.
Most of the time.

This dog loves his birthday Frisbee so much that he sleeps with it, if we let him.
I don't usually let him though, because he is very protective of it, and if a human goes near it when he has it, they might lose their fingers.
Let me rephrase that.
If I go near it when he has it, I come close to losing my fingers.
This dog eats flies.
And ants.
And any other moving bug.
This dog loves belly rubs.
Kisses and hugs from children.
And he loves chasing cats.
Speaking of cats.........two of our babies have disappeared. I am too distraught to talk about it, so lets move on, shall we?
This dog has big ears.
Large paws.
A long bushy tail.
And the longest tongue I have ever seen.
This dog loves to greet the construction workers on our road.
Except the construction workers are afraid of him and run back to their trucks when they see him coming.
One day I might videotape it.
This dog is 1 year old.
Full of energy.
And loved.
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Nancy said...

I think the last time I read about Jersey he was going through obedience classes -- apparently he was tardy for the "don't eat cats" lesson. :)

Sharon said...

He is certainly handsome. Isn't the first year the most difficult? Now he'll start settling down? :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photography of a beautiful dog ~ glad he is loved despite his quirks ~ We all have them ~
carol, ^_^

Linda W. said...

Your dog is really cute. I too have a frisbee dog!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pet portrait of your handsome boy! I'm so glad you came by to share on Rurality Blog Hop #33!