October 10, 2013

Random Photos. Random Words. And people without teeth.

I am thinking of turning this blog into some sort of random nonsense kinda place, because, well, that's all I write about.
This could mean a few things.
My life is so boring that I really have nothing to talk about.
Um...yeah....that's all I can think of.

So, lets chat about Breaking Bad.
Holymotherofgoodpeople this show is effing amazing.
I now know why everyone talked about it for years when I didn't have Netflix and was too cheap to spend $8/month.
It wasn't until all of the hype about the finale, that I finally convinced myself to get it, and now I cannot stop watching it.
I want to watch it all day.
I want my children to go to bed at 630pm so I can watch it.
I want it to come back for 20 more seasons please and thank you.

My boys recently won more awards at school because they are the best kids to ever walk this Earth.
I took my good camera with my awesome zoom lens and this is the photo I got.
Apparently I embarrass them or something.

My daughter has no top teeth.
OK, she has a few, but not many in the front.
Please send the Tooth Fairy some $$$ as she is broke.
And send the poor kid some pudding and jello because she cant chew anything.

P.S. Don't ever google "People with no top teeth". I am scarred for life.

Dear Ellen DeGeneres
When I told my children you were 55 years old, they were shocked.  They thought you were 27, because you don't have any wrinkles or gray hairs and you dress cool and dance alot.  I think this is a sign that you should invite us to your show and maybe even to your house for some dinner and a board game.

This weekend is Thanksgiving for us wonderful peeps up here in Canada.
I am thankful for Ritz crackers.
Redken hair products.
Comfy pants.
Pumpkin scented candles.
And all that other mushy stuff.

Happy weekend y'all!
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Buttons said...

Happy Thanksgiving you always make me laugh. I want to look like Ellen too:) Wow best kids in the world lucky break:) Take care and keep making me laugh.Great shots. B

Stephanie said...

Enjoyed the humor of your post and the photos are great too.

Kim Stevens said...

Help, I have fallen off my chair from too much laughing! :)

And here I thought I had the best kids in the world - and breaking bad, yes 20 more seasons please and thank you! (now following) Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anne Payne said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I thoroughly enjoyed your Random post :) Made me smile!

Quixotic Magpie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My life is super boring too most of the time. Lol. :) I enjoy your randomness, and congrats to your kids! And seriously, Ellen is 55? I thought she was younger too! But more like..45. :) Have a great weekend!

Quixotic Magpie said...

And oo, I wasn't trying to insinuate you had a boring life. Just referencing your comment to my own life. :)

Snap said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I haven't watched Breaking Bad...amazing huh?!!!! i giggled my way through your post. so much fun to visit with you. Have a fun week and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

mail4rosey said...

Ellen is 55?? No way!

visiting today from Fun Friday :)

augcott said...

♫ Happy Thanksgiving ♪
Now....with that said....I cannot stop laughing. Your sense of humor is so effin' great!!!!
I just MUST become a follower of your blog!!!

Mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

And wowza.. those pics of people with no top teeth are indeed frightening. Very Halloweenish! Lol.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, but don't you Canadians know it's in November? :)

Gigi said...

Random & nonsense totally works for me (wonder why?).

I haven't been sucked into the rabbit hole that is Breaking Bad yet; but you are in good company because my husband has - now that we aren't too cheap to spend $8 bucks.

Ida said...

What a fun post. You filled it with lovely photos and some fun and interesting stuff. - Never gotten into Breaking Bad so have no idea what the hype is about but am glad you are enjoying it.
Hope your girls teeth come back in soon and oh my those photos you googled....too funny!