March 20, 2016



Anyone here?????

Do people blog anymore???

I mean people who don't have gazillions of followers.  People who don't get paid to write about random products.  People blogging for the hell of it.

Do they still exist??

I stepped away from this blog for over a year for many reasons, but, the most obvious reason is because it represents a life that I do not live anymore.

I no longer live in the country.  With horses.  With a dog named Jersey.  With barn cats and smells of manure and wet dirt.
I no longer take pictures of random nothings.  Beautiful nothings.  I bring out my DSLR when there is a school/sports/holiday event that I know I will want to see when old and gray.

OK.  That's a lie.
I have an iPhone.  Currently with over 1000 photos that I must do something about.
Hold me.

I am no longer a stay at home mom dedicating my entire life to my family and putting myself last.  Let me rephrase that.  My children are my life and will always be my life.  But now I work outside of the home and occasionally get a pedicure.

The person I considered my best friend for over 30 years is no longer my husband or my friend.  I am not married. I am a single, working mother of three amazing children who now lives in a small house in town with a small dog named Molly.

So much for life plans, huh?

Life has been a huge bag of WTF since July 2014, but I am still here.  I have learned some major life lessons and some major self care lessons.

I am strong
I am happy
I am worthy
And I will not put up with anything less than I deserve.

I am me
I will not be anyone else
I will not change myself so others will accept me
Like me or not

I like what I like
I hate what I hate
I do what I do
Want what I want
Need what I need

I am not the same person I was before July 2014.  I never will be again.
Except I still love aprons
And my kids.....
even though they are bigger than me.....
and say bad words.

Welcome to my new life.


Gigi said...

Vikki!!! Yes, there are still a few of us out here in blogland that blog for just the heck of it.

I'm sorry to hear about the WTF moments you've experienced. Those always suck. But, here you are. And it looks like you've made it through to the other side and taking on your new life.

Lori Lucas said...

This is Lori. You are the same person you always have been. All the good parts of you are still there, you just have more sides of you, you never knew were there because you devoted your life to your husband. You are still devoted to your kids, but now you make you a priority too! Let's get together soon please...xoxo

P Mann said...

I blogged for maybe 6 months top. It wasn't for me. Sorry to hear of you ’shit parade' as I call it. Life and all the crap and changes that come with it. I read something and it helps with the frustrating time - and so this too. Really sums it up. Good to hear from you again, in a different life. Sounds like you bounced when thrown, I hope the living of life is a whole lot more better for you. Chin up in the bubble bath with a glass of sprarkly. Better things ahead, I know it! 🌸💕. Patty/NS

Foursons said...

I'm not sure I can even comment anymore. But I want you to know I pink, puffy, heart you. Your transformation over the last year has been inspiring and I am so, so proud of you!

Suzie Que said...

Hi! I'm a complete stranger but I did read your blog! I quit blogging because I had a baby, went back to work, and got lazy or busy or a combination of the two. I'm mainly a stalker now who comments. I'm so glad you're back and even though transitions are tough and suck, I hope you and your family are happy. Hats off to you; being a single working mom is no joke! You deserve every pedicure. I'll miss the beautiful pictures of Jersey but look forward to new ones of Molly.

1HealthyHome said...

Hey Vikki! so much change, driving you forward into your new chapter! thank you for being brave to share, in your wonderful writing style. I've missed your blog posts. xo